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Hi janusz, thanks a lot for the rapid reply, very few people are so kind as you these days. To me You have long been the God of TBA posts, both archives and updates, and it's amazing you have even some A4Y goodies! I've been hunting for months and you saved my time!
You said there was a photo-set to "Stranded Part 2 - Bruce Beckham, Jack Hunter + Photoset / 26 Avg" but no link was provided. If you have the photo set please post it. Thanks for porting
BlackBoyAddictionz – Manny Killa videos that you posted before are down and I missed some. Would you please re-post or re-do the Nitroflare links please. Bandit & Manny Killa – Bandit’s Revenge 2 May 22 / Blake Bishop & Manny Killa – Jackpot April 3 / Apollo, Manny Killa & Mar – New Year’s Showdown: In With A Bang January 29 / Bandit & Manny Killa – Too Big For Bandit? January 17. Thanks