who is she ?

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I could find only the information given from the site from where the original video come from:

Name: Rita
Age: 26
Country: Czech Republic
Category: Guy-Girl
Description: Rita is a professionally trained massage therapist. She has a caring nature and a calming influence, it's her soft and friendly approach that helps you fall into a deeper state of bliss. She knows where to touch you, and how long to hold it - reading your movements and the twitching of your muscles.

Rita is passionate about erotic massage, her warm, eager hands expertly work her clients muscles and send them into a deeper, more relaxed state of calmness. Her sessions go beyond a physical experience, they will take you into heightened and sensory realms of pleasure, her subjects still feel the tingle of their orgasm long after they've come.

Rita can use her hands like you can not imagine, and she has the most incredible pair of natural breasts which she loves to make use of during her sessions, but if you are lucky enough for her to climb on top of you and slide your cock deep inside her incredible velvet pussy that the real thrills begin! Feeling her pussy muscles tighten around your cock as she orgasms is certain to send you over the edge.
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