White Slavers (Brutal Underground #1)


Release Year: 1974
Cast: Devon Mayer, Jim Mayer, Bill Scott
Genres: Classic, Feature
Video language: English

White Slavers rounds off the third DVD of this deprave box set with a performance deserving roughie status. White Slavers was made in 1974, a time when hardcore pornographic roughies began making frequent occurrences inside adult theatres across the United States. The anti-pornography moralists and censorship laws were being smite with an iron fist around this particular time; and in conjunction with the frightening rise of serial killers such as Ted Bundy and Ed Kemper, hardcore pornographic roughies such as White Slavers seemed to capture this grim epoch we call the 1970's and thrust it into our faces whether we liked it or not.
White Slavers evolve around a trio of criminals who sail on a boat in the company of kidnapped co-eds. Once out in ocean midst they and abuse the victims until their heart's content. A blonde male delinquent steers the ship into deep recesses of the open sea while his male comrade, who's equally delinquent, unties one of the female co-eds below deck and has his way with her. This male is a black-haired unscrupulous tramp of a human being who has no qualms indulging in his psychopathy. He coerces the unfortunate female into giving him blowjobs while his girlfriend lounges next door, drinking alcohol and fingering her hairy pussy with a titanic smile on her face. His girlfriend is a mature woman with a voluptuous figure packing some weight. Her black hair and lecherous countenance belies the depravity of a perverse woman who procures heinous pleasure in more elevated doses than that of her two male comrades. When she isn't spreading her heavy legs and fingering her juicy opening in clear view of the camera, she is slapping her boyfriend for fucking the kidnapped co-eds and then proceeding to have her own way with them instead.
Despite the grim and filthy debauchery on screen, there are some generally surprising erotic moments. One of the kidnapped co-eds consents to being penetrated by the blonde delinquent after giving us a tease beforehand by fingering her stretched genital lips before the camera. This kidnapped co-ed in particular is lascivious in expressing her sexual desires and her blonde hair and well-endowed figure raises this part of White Slavers from the depths of filthiness to the heights of sensuous delirium. Authentic moaning and sloppy sounds during the scenes of penetration provides an excellent cock-grabbing moment.
As with most other hardcore pornographic roughies, White Slavers eventually manoeuvres away from the rough sex and exploitation pertinent to the roughie genre and transcends into a tale of escape and survival. When one of the kidnapped co-eds charms the blonde delinquent into orchestrating an escape plan, White Slavers embarks down the predictable conduit of victims escaping from the and therefore living happily ever after; but this pornographic roughie is never predictable.

Format: avi
Duration: 59:26
Video: 720x544, XviD, 950kbps
Audio: 187kbps

File size: 498.7 MB
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