Where to share adult blog posts


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Hi there,

I've been making blog posts for a while now, but sharing them on other websites is always tricky.

To make things clear, i actually write blog posts about the porn industry. I'm not talking about random picture posts or stuff.
I write about the best Asian pornstars of 2017, for example.
These text posts do contain adult content.

I've been sharing my posts on Reddit, StumbleUpon, and Pinterest.

If you have a board on Pinterest with a lot of followers, this is a great way to get traffic.

Reddit is a hit and miss. I've had posts that got me 1000+ visitors, and posts that got me 0 visitors.
Some subreddits seem good to post on, but ban your post within munites.
Still trying to figure out Reddit.

StumbleUpon doesn't do anything for me, yet.
They say you need to be active and like/favourite other websites, and then eventually your own stumbles will be shared. Nothing there yet.

So, these are my 3 recommendations, do you guys have other suggestions?

I can't get a twitter account anymore, and because i run juicyads i also can't post anything on facebook.