What video am I thinking of?

Hey, so there's a video I found a while back, and I think it had Nina Hartley in it, or someone who looked exactly like her. It was a girl on girl scene, the other girl had brown hair, and was younger. I'm not sure where I found it, probably like pornbanana or tnaflix, but I'd really like to find it again. If anyone stumbles across it, or even knows what video it is, please let me know Thanks.
Bump. I remembered a bit more about the video. In the beginning of the video, the older blonde woman was talking to the younger brunette girl and asked her how she was gonna pay for something. The younger brunette didn't have any money, so the older blonde suggests that she pleases her in exchange for payment. The young brunette gets undressed, and the older blonde plays with the young girl's boobs. Then the young brunette plays with the older woman's boobs, and the older woman takes off her panties. I think it takes place in a coffee house, or bookstore, or store. There was a bookshelf in the background. The two women were pleasing each other in the middle of the store. I think there was a coat rack, too. The older blonde had on a white jacket, and the younger brunette had on a black jacket. I hope that helps. If you know the name or at least know who is in it, any help is appreciated.