Wendy Fiore - Baywatch Babe Is Back - 10-06-13

Indeed. Rapidgator has quite some anoying popups, but certainly no malware. Neither is there any malware in the content. Slow2011 is one of the most reliable posters on here. Personally, I tip my hat to his great posts, so no worries in downloading any of them.
Well, just recently tried. And I finally got the file but not the downloader. Weird how it was doing not too while ago and now it isn't.
I wouldn't recommend the Rapidgator Downloader. Just deselect the option to use the downloader. Furthermore, always avoid the big, flashy download buttons. Usually, those are the ones that lead you to installers of all kinds. Just look for the small, less noticable "slow download" buttons, and ignore the annoying-yet-harmless popups with every click.
I have been a very thankful downloader of Slow2011's posts for quite a while now, and I have never experienced any malware or bad files. The only downside to Rapidgator is the restriction of one file per 2 hours (if you're not a paying member). Then again, there are free proxy services to get around that problem.