Want access to Wickedpictures?


I have a wickedpictures account for a couple more weeks. I will PM somebody my log-in for a 48hr time period if they are willing to do the same for me, so I can access one of their following sites:


Thanks much


Hard to find someone, expecially on 21sextury, where they automatically delete accounts with connection from different places (with places I mean countries, or maybe MAC adresses, hope I knew it for sure!!).

I will probably soon get an account paying on 21sextury cause till now from long time I couldn't get inside it with any of the various pass sites used.

Though, for what I told you, I will not give to you my account, cause is a waste of money if I get it and then they ban it (not against sharing, but against loss of money).

Surely the idea would be to download all the possible things with one account, hoping that they do not put a limit of downloads, cause in that case (if someone has any information about it, please PM me) I won't even buy an account.

By the way, the exchange is not needed if you get a pass to enter a site from the sites listed above, you don't need to risk any of your accounts (and money spent) giving away your details risking a ban of the account (just my opinion though).