Violette - My First Love (2013)


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Violette - My First Love (2013, Natural Tits, Blowjob, Blonde, Hardcore, 1080p)

The name of the actress : Violette
The name of the movie : My First Love
The subpage and the site :
Year of production : 2013.
Genre : Natural Tits, Blowjob, Blonde, Hardcore
Duration : 00:18:03

Description : When Rasty arrives home from a day at work to find his woman Violette dressed in just a sheer white bra and panties set, he knows that he is one lucky man. He shows his appreciation with sensual caresses beneath his woman's panties at first. Soon, though, he slides the pesky garment down Violette''s legs and out of the way so that he can give in to the temptation to replace his fingers with his mouth.

Violette didnt strip down to nothing to let her man seduce her, though; this blonde beauty is eager to take charge. Dropping to her knees, she helps Rasty out of the last of his clothes and then settles in to wrap her warm lips around her man's long hard cock.

Soon, the lovers can't stand to be apart any longer. They come together with Violette on her back at first, but they soon change positions to reverse cowgirl so that Violette can set the pace of their lovemaking.

As they both grow closer to their completion, Violette leans forward on her knees and thrusts her enticing ass high into the air in an invitation that Rasty cannot refuse. He sinks his erection deep into her welcoming folds, pumping with long strokes as Violette falls over the edge of her orgasm.

Moments later, Rasty reaches the edge of his own climax. With a smile, Violette turns around to wrap her hand around her man's sensitive dick to help him cum all over the long tan line of her back.

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