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30 Men for Sandy--->>>1996 AVN Award Winner

Category Classic, Foreign, Gang Bang, 1996 AVN Award Winner
Director Rocco Siffredi
Starring Sandy, Rocco Siffredi, Rebecca Lord, Donato Ballerone, Davide Battello, Claudio Ubisci


Filmed on Location in Italy. Filmed on location in Rome, Italy, Rocco sticks it to the blonde Sandy in private, then invites 30 of his friends to work the little slut over but good, Italian-style. When Rocco’s not fucking Sandy, he’s directing, when he’s not directing, he’s fucking someone else, like Rebecca Lords. This is the Rocco everyone knows and loves—hung, hard and filthy.

File size:695mb
File type:avi

30 Men For Sandy.part1.rar - 222.0 MB
30 Men For Sandy.part2.rar - 222.0 MB
30 Men For Sandy.part3.rar - 222.0 MB
30 Men For Sandy.part4.rar - 29.4 MB

Rocco Siffredi Outlaws 1

Starring: Missy, Maria de Sanchez, Ursula Moore, Kristina Varga, Eva Falk, Maria Belucci, Regina Sipos, Roberto Malone, Rocco Siffredi, Mickey G, Philippe Dean, Richard Langin

Description:A blazing tale of a town under siege by a vicious band of sex crazed renegades hungary for sin, Pedro`s band of thugs ravage every woman in sight. Helpless and hopeless the town cries out. Rocco Answers. An orgy of bullets and blazing hot sex ensues as Rocco and his crew ride in, kick ass, reclaim the town, and the women like a sex charged calvary.

Rocco Siffredi Outlaws 1.part1.rar - 333.0 MB
Rocco Siffredi Outlaws 1.part2.rar - 333.0 MB
Rocco Siffredi Outlaws 1.part3.rar - 267.8 MB
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Scented Secrets

Starring: Peter North, John Dough, Patricia Kennedy, Lauren Brice.

Scented Secrets (1991).part1.rar - 333.0 MB
Scented Secrets (1991).part2.rar - 333.0 MB
Scented Secrets (1991).part3.rar - 333.0 MB
Scented Secrets (1991).part4.rar - 1.2 MB


Starring: Adam Mills, Lynda Wiesmeier, Veronica Hart, Ray Colbert, Harry Reems, Katt Shea, Lola Mason, Allene Simmons, Dustin Stevens, Carey Hayes, Judith Cassmore, Paul Coufos, Robert Pinkerton, Steve Nave, Bob Gorman.

Description:A group of people who were the inspiration of an author’s fact-based, best-selling book are invited to a party at a mansion in the Hollywood hills to celebrate the making of the book into a movie which a series of situations, and bed-hopping begins between all persons involved.

R.S.V.P. (1984).part1.rar - 333.0 MB
R.S.V.P. (1984).part2.rar - 333.0 MB
R.S.V.P. (1984).part3.rar - 154.1 MB
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No More Lonely Nights

Starring: Jessica Bauer, Cindy LaBelle, Cjilla March, Debi Diamond, Jasmin

No More Lonely Nights (1991).part1.rar - 444.0 MB
No More Lonely Nights (1991).part2.rar - 444.0 MB
No More Lonely Nights (1991).part3.rar - 73.5 MB

Heavenly Hyapatia

Starring: Hyapatia Lee, Jacqueline, Kimberly Kane, Megan Leigh, Joey Silvera, Mike Horner, Scott St. James, Scott Wainwright, Bud Lee.

Description:Theres only one person able to stop World War 3. She shows the worlds leaders that making love is better than war. This one is hotter than hell! Youl think you died and went to heaven

Heavenly Hyapatia (1990).part1.rar - 333.0 MB
Heavenly Hyapatia (1990).part2.rar - 333.0 MB
Heavenly Hyapatia (1990).part3.rar - 175.6 MB
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Sodomania III With Foreign Objects

Category Anal
Starring Randy Spears, Mark Davis, Jonathan Morgan, Jon Dough, Tiffany Mynx, Alicia Rio, Beatrice Valle, Tabitha Cash, Roscoe Bowltree, Axinia, Berlin


In Scene 1, beautiful, big titted German exports (Berlin and Axinia) star in Hard Lessons are Good to Find. Berlin, in an effort to save Axinia's marriage wants to teach her inexperienced friend how to best utilize her "assets". She employs the special effects talents of Professor Bowltree who helps guide the novice through a curriculum of Tit Fucking, Toe Sucking, and Pussy Pounding. Both girls have REAL tits and progressively naughty needs…Enjoy!
In our second scene The Pleasure of Deceit from Paris the sizzling Beatrice Valle co-stars along with the breathtaking Tabatha Cash! Tabatha decides that her lover (real life model Mark Davis) is too straight sexually. What she really wants is a thorough ass fucking. Will she be able to convince him to give it to her? Just watch and see!
Scene 3 brings back Tiffany Mynx (this girl is one of my favorites!) in Dream a Little Cream For Me. Her husband (Randy Spears) lets her live out a fantasy by having Jon Dough use her lovely tits, perfect ass, (and asshole!) while he watches and then joins in. Have you ever tried this with your wife? No girl we ever met in this business likes cum as much as Tiffany…
In our final episode, Bang the Bum Slowly, the blistering Latina Alicia Rio is in her office working late when she spots a filthy bum (Jonathan Morgan) outside her window. Her desire to get nasty with a dirty degenerate outweighs any element of fear she may have. The ensuing seduction and encounter vibrate with real emotion and climax with the "Slob" penetrating her perfect tight ass in a butt fucking frenzy thoroughly enjoyed by both.

Sodomania 3 - With Foreign Objects (1993).part1.rar - 444.0 MB
Sodomania 3 - With Foreign Objects (1993).part2.rar - 444.0 MB
Sodomania 3 - With Foreign Objects (1993).part3.rar - 354.3 MB

Demolition Woman

Starring: Bunny Bleu, Isis Nile, Lynn LeMay, Tricia Yen, Tiffany Million, Alex Sanders, Jon Dough, Jonathan Morgan, Mike Horner, Steven St. Croix.

There is something missing in our future Something that will satisfy the deepest desire. She has returned to find it, nothing can stop her and she will be satisfied! A huge budget and lavish story make this the ultimate in adult Science-Fiction you are about to witness

Demolition Woman 1 (1994).part1.rar - 666.0 MB
Demolition Woman 1 (1994).part2.rar - 666.0 MB
Demolition Woman 1 (1994).part3.rar - 99.2 MB
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Cheeks 6

Starring: Trisha Cole, Kris Newz, Terry Thomas, Cheyenne, Wise Mark, Wayne Summers, Crystal Wilder, Kiss.

Description:An anal extravaganza, Charles Gray has the beautiful blonde Kiss and hot newcomer Crystal at their absolute nastiest in the backdoorest sense of the word.
Its a story filled with corporate intrigue, backstabbing and greed. But you can always fast-forward to the sex. Enjoy.

Cheeks 6 (1992).part1.rar - 333.0 MB
Cheeks 6 (1992).part2.rar - 333.0 MB
Cheeks 6 (1992).part3.rar - 126.8 MB
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Nasty Nymphos # 9

Category All Sex, Gonzo, Anabolic's Nasty Nymphos Series
Starring Mark Davis, Sean Michaels, Jon Dough, Nici Sterling, Anna Malle, Dick Nasty, Nancy Vee, Lovette, Gerry Pike, Tony Montana, Presha, Clarissa Catz


New, ultra-nasty Nymphette Lovette takes two cocks in her hot tight cunt at once!


Nasty Nymphos 9 (1995).part1.rar - 333.0 MB
Nasty Nymphos 9 (1995).part2.rar - 333.0 MB
Nasty Nymphos 9 (1995).part3.rar - 187.1 MB


Starring: Anna Malle, Brittany O’Connell, Felecia, Lady Berlin, Rebecca Wild, Buck Adams, Steve Drake, Tony Martino, Tony Tedeschi.

Description:Dr. Frankenstein has everything a man could wish for and more, but he’s about to commit the ultimate sin. The love of his life, his stunning wife Christine, has died, and Frederick von Frankenstein is going to bring her back! Driven to madness and uncontrollable lust, Frankenstein achieves the impossible – “Christine” has returned to him… not as she was before, but as a wild, sex-mad creature of the night whose sexual hunger knows no bounds! The more perverse, the more decadent, the better, and the life Frederick knew is gone… replaced by an endless orgy of anal/oral excesses beyond anything ever imagined!

Frankenstein (1994).part1.rar - 333.0 MB
Frankenstein (1994).part2.rar - 333.0 MB
Frankenstein (1994).part3.rar - 268.8 MB
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Ready Willing And Anal

Starring: Nicole London, Rachel Ryan, Rebecca Bardoux, Sabrina Dawn, Seka, Paul Thomas, Peter North, Randy West, Rick Savage.

Description:Get an anal attitude! There’s nothing these sizzling sex sirens like better than to bend over for some scorching back-door action. It’s one hot scene after another of taut thighs, mammoth mammaries and brazen butts in pulsating provocative positions sure to steam up your night.

Ready Willing And Anal (1993).part1.rar - 444.0 MB
Ready Willing And Anal (1993).part2.rar - 444.0 MB
Ready Willing And Anal (1993).part3.rar - 232.0 MB

Anal Dynamite

Starring: Nici Sterling, Jake Steed, Bobby Vitale, Vanessa Chase, Tom Byron, Bunny Bleu, T.T. Boy, Kyle Stone, Angie, Anna Malle, Shauna Lynn.

Description:In Anal Dynomite, the girls are dynomite and the anal action will BLOW you away! Watch as these girls take it up the butt like its nothing, theyre tight asshole give way to big cocks with no problem! Sure she likes it in the puss, but it feels so much nicer is the ass!

Anal Dynamite (1995).part1.rar - 222.0 MB
Anal Dynamite (1995).part2.rar - 222.0 MB
Anal Dynamite (1995).part3.rar - 222.0 MB
Anal Dynamite (1995).part4.rar - 222.0 MB
Anal Dynamite (1995).part5.rar - 44.4 MB
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Prison Heat

Starring: Rebecca Chambers, Lori Jo Hendrix, Kena Land, Michal Yannai, Gilya Stern

Description:Four young American women vacationing in Greece, decide to travel by car to Istanbul. But the Turkish border guards throw girlfriends drugs, arrested and sent to prison for women in inhuman conditions of detention. Do they stand up - innocent victims, accidentally caught in this perverse, merciless and ruthless world?

Prison.Heat.1993.DVDRip.part1.rar - 444.0 MB
Prison.Heat.1993.DVDRip.part2.rar - 444.0 MB
Prison.Heat.1993.DVDRip.part3.rar - 444.0 MB
Prison.Heat.1993.DVDRip.part4.rar - 167.2 MB

Anal Tramps

Starring: Paisley Hunter, Suzi Suzuki, Shonna Lynn, Monique Demoan, Cecila, Kia.

It’s an all girl anal feature. You won’t want to miss a moment of these luscious ladies penetrating each other’s holes. No hole is sacred in this lesbian orgy, their sex toys go everywhere you can possible imagine! You may need to turn up the air with action this hot!

Anal Tramps (1995).part1.rar - 444.0 MB
Anal Tramps (1995).part2.rar - 444.0 MB
Anal Tramps (1995).part3.rar - 92.6 MB
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Una Chiavata Bestiale

Starring: Olinka Hardiman, Marina Hedman, Roberto Malone, Valerie Sidy, Rocco Siffredi.

Una Chiavata Bestiale (1987).part1.rar - 222.0 MB
Una Chiavata Bestiale (1987).part2.rar - 222.0 MB
Una Chiavata Bestiale (1987).part3.rar - 222.0 MB
Una Chiavata Bestiale (1987).part4.rar - 55.5 MB

Anal Disciples 2

Starring: Amber Woods, Celine Devoux, Heidi Nice, Jordan Lee, Nikki Brantz, Jay Ashley, Jonathan Morgan, Rick Masters, Sean Rider, Steve Hatcher.

Group gropes heavy on the anal with lots of facials. Sounds hot, huh? Think again. Raw as the sex is throughout Anal Disciples 2, it never really catches fire. Blame the mechanical direction and/or the less-than-A-list female talent, who aint too big on that performance thing. And for a video about a cult of sodomizing devil worshipers, those daylight outdoor sex scenes sure dont exactly set the proper mood.

Anal Disciples 2.part1.rar - 444.0 MB
Anal Disciples 2.part2.rar - 444.0 MB
Anal Disciples 2.part3.rar - 89.3 MB
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