Twistys Pictures - For Charity

Well hello all, I'm here to show something that you might like.

I awkwardly received a free twistys account from a friend for my birthday and I must say that it is good quality fap material. But it is quite overpriced, and not everyone might be able to enjoy it.

I started a project to share all the photo sets from Twistys for everyone to download without surveys, no paying and a fast downloading site:

It's not that I am trying to make money out of this. If I were I'd make surveys everywhere or such, but trust me I'm really not in for that. I only put a simple redirect-wait-5-seconds link and the entire high-res archive is downloadable.

It's really a lot of work but it feels good to be able to do something for mankind because after all, beautiful bodies should be seen :D

Well I hope this is not seen as plain stupid advertising but more as a charity project... I hope you guys like what I post and if you have a model you'd like to have added I'll add her :)

The (free) website I have is Long live free porn! :)