trying to find out a vintage foriegn (prob. Italian & 70's) softcore

Hi I am trying to find out about an Italian soft-core movie in which a teen age girl makes a bet and seduces her best-friend's father (who is a dentist). The girl seduces him in his dentist's chair wearing a red top and they have sex right in that chair. Both the girls also toy with the dentist to have sex with his own daughter. The dentist overhears something over a phone and barges in his daughter's bathroom in a rage and rips out her blouse. Then the dentist tries to seduce his own daughter and almost has sex with her when his wife finds out and goes berserk.

The girl with the red top is supposedly one of the hottest girls in Italian film industry during 1970's and the main reason i m trying to find this movie.

Please help me as i m desperate and have been trying to find this movie for months now.

Any kind of help will be appreciated.