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I would like to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Ray Edwards and I am a photographer that specializes in shooting 100% real amateur girls modeling nude for the very first time. I shoot softcore and hardcore content. I am the only guy on the website and have always been the only guy on the website ever since it was launched over 10 years ago. I am in charge of pretty much every aspect of the website, including the affiliate program. I have been shooting amateur girls for over 12 years now and have been doing this as a full time job ever since I started shooting. The girls that I specialize in shooting are girls that I have personally established contact with at public places, such as shopping malls, movie theaters, amusements parks ...and all sorts of public establishments. Hell, I've even done shoots with a few of my local NEIGHBORS! So yeah, these "models" are most definitely real amateur girls! I must point out though that there have been a few models that decided to continue shooting and seeked out additional producers to shoot them, but I can guarantee you that they shot with me first. The VAST MAJORITY of them cannot be found on any other websites. As of today's date, (and remember, I update regularly) there are 250 amateur models on the website.

The TrueAmateurModels.com website currently (as of today's date) has an Alexa rank of 38,000 ...and please do keep in mind that this is a membership based paysite and not a free site. And of course, as well all know, Alexa ranks continue to fluctuate up and down, but the website does receive nice traffic and the FHG's have always converted into sales very well.

The True Amateur Models Affiliate Program offers a 50% commission on affiliate sales ...and this is for intial sales, as well as re-bill sales. The TrueAmateurModels.com website has even had some members continue their memberships for YEARS ...and my affiliates are regularly paid on these re-bill sales. I suppose the main reason for the website having strong member retention is because I update EVERY WEEK. I honestly recall 4 or 5 times (in over 10 years) where I may have been 2 or 3 days late with an update. This gives the members a good reason to continue logging into the website, which of course explains the affiliate re-bills.

Of course, I am always looking for new affiliates to jump aboard, so please do check out the program, as well as the website itself. I have a few examples listed below showing the type of content that I shoot, as well as the type of content that you would be promoting. Please do not hesitate in contacting me if you have any questions and best of luck to everyone!

TrueAmateurModels.com Affiliate FHG's - Sign up as an affiliate and obtain the complete list of FHG's from here - http://master.trueamateurmodels.com/affiliates/galleries/galleries.php

Enter your CCBILL ID into the CCBILL ID field
Click the update button to the right side
Click the generate button at the bottom

All of the galleries will be listed for you, along with your CCBILL ID already in the URL's. The galleries are now ready to be promoted.

Amateur Latina Teen Model - Raquel Model

Nude Homemade Amateur Modeling Pics - Alexis V. Model

Hairy Asshole Model - Hailey C. Model

19 Year Old Amateur Teen Modeling Nude - Lolita Model

Blonde MILF With Hairy Pussy Underneath Pantyhose

Amateur Blonde Teen Models Nude And Gives Handjob In Braces - Cumshot Facial

Tiny Breasted Amber Teen Model Spreads Legs To Show Tattoo Near Pussy - Lil Amber Model

Tiny Tits Petite Teen Model Amber R. - Trueamateurmodels.com

Nude Petite Redhead Cheerleader Modeling Nude

Petite Amateur Redhead Alyssa Hart Gives A Handjob

Jenny J. Gives Ray Edwards A Handjob After Her Amateur Porn Nude Modeling Shoot

Amateur Teen Girlfriend Models & Spreads Ass - Hope Model

High Resolution Handjob Pictures - Hope Model

Amateur Teen Model Sunny

Amateur And Big Breasted BBW Babe Modeling Nude

Hot Amateur Blonde Teen Kendra Modeling Nude For The Very First Time
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Bumping for more affiliates! Thanks for the ones that have signed up! And not only that, you guys are making big sales! Congrats ...and please keep promoting the galleries and bringing in those sales!