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Perched atop Rasty's lap as they make out, brunette Silvie Deluxe guides her man's hand down her flat belly to rest between her thighs. Rasty knows what to do, sliding his long fingers beneath Silvie's panties and rubbing his fingertips along her wet slit as his woman gasps and moans. Rasty's touches grow firmer and faster until Silvie dissolves in her first climax of the afternoon.

Released: 07/11/13

Duration: 00:28:06
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This was an additional scene we shot the same week as the upcoming feature "Burning". All I can say is that Silvie is smoking hot and Mr. X finally got his wish to have sex with her. And this is just a warm up! Meet me in Madrid baby ;-)

Duration: 00:09:07
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Baby - Good Morning Baby [HD/720p/1080p]

Baby likes sex in the morning the best (I think a lot of girls do, I do anyway). Watch her and Tyler as they wake up together. He licks and sucks on her perfect little pussy and then she returns the favor by taking his hard cock in her mouth. When she is really wet, he pushes himself inside her tight pussy.

Duration: 00:15:07
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Size: 295 Mb | 702 Mb

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Capri Anderson - White Hot [HD/720p]

Capri knows exactly how to dress to get a man's cock totally erect. Her slinky, white dress is just the
wrapping on the candy. Carpi's lusty moves don't take long to get him pumping his hard dick in her tight
pussy. He fucks her silly and then does what any respectable cock should do to finish her off; he glazes
her pretty face with hot cum!

Duration: 00:26:58
Format: WMV
Quality: HD
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 510 Mb

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Lily Love - Slippery Pleasures [HD/720p]

The beautiful Lily Love requested a very special massage today. Her shoulders are giving her some problems and she needs a man with strong hands to rub the kinks out. She always tends to get a bit randy when she has strangers rub her body. I doubt she'll be able to resist the masseur's advances.

Duration: 00:32:43
Format: WMV
Quality: HD
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 619 Mb

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Barbie - Rolling in the Sheets [HD/720p/1080p]

Lucky Barbie is one of the first European ladies to meet up with US superstar James Deen. I have to say how pleasantly surprised I was at how real and passionate all of his scenes turned out. They start by kissing and staring into each others eyes. You can feel the heat and desire from them both. Then he expertly makes her cum with his mouth. She is super-hot for him and begs him to take her from the side and in missionary. A realistic roll in the sheets with two beautiful people. Don't you want to jump right

Duration: 00:14:46
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Size: 458 Mb | 900 Mb

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Natalia Starr - Sunshine Suck [HD/720p]

Natalia was going to enjoy another sexy day by the pool. She got super excited when she saw the large cock lounging by the pool. She went over and seduced his cock in order to get her pussy pumped!

Duration: 00:22:44
Format: WMV
Quality: HD
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 430 Mb

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Abby Cross, Presley Dawson - Abby's Trifling Toy [HD/720p/1080p]

Ryan's has a special gift for Abby Cross. She already knew that they were going to fuck when they got back home but she had no idea that Ryan has his pretty little hostage, Presley Dawson, hiding in the closet just waiting to get fucked and jizzed in. The three of them get nice and sloppy and swap all kinds of bodily fluids in this hardcore threesome.

Duration: 00:54:23
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Resolution: 1280x720 | 1920x1080
Size: 2 Gb | 3.37 Gb

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