Stacked retro chick Betty from the 80's

Betty looks most like...

  • a leggy model from the 70's

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  • a busty retro calendar girl

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  • a tanned baywatch babe in the 80's

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  • a retro california-style postcard bimbo

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I took these back in the 70's and 80's when she was either brunette or later on in her peroxide blonde beach bimbo phase, a good few of which were candids when she was busy drinking or doin something else. If you want to see more of her back as a brunette or blonde (the attachments in the next message) let me know. Also let me know which pics are best so far thanks, there are a ton scanned.

bjbj.jpg DSC00249.JPG go6 (2).jpg go7.jpg go28aa.jpg go77a.jpg go88uu.jpg go588hf.jpg jjb.jpg DSC00234.JPG