Shawn Part1-4


Intporn Vip Bronse

Rope man Matt picks up a new pretty boy at the local club, a super-hot, long-haired California dude who has always fantasized about being tied up, so he allows Matt to take him home. After Matt tells him to take off his pants and strip down to a tight muscle shirt and undies (Superman! How Californian), Shawn starts to have second thoughts. But still, he lets Matt lead him out of the bedroom and tie his ankles, then rope his arms to the beams in the ceiling. “Stop, just let me go,” Shawn whimpers as Matt binds him in a Jesus-like crucifixion pose and cuts off his shirt. Matt is amazed at how beautiful this boy is. He knew he was built but he didn’t know he was this built, with lean, sculpted muscles from head to toe. Now it’s time to see how good his cock and balls are. Wow. Huge and pendulous.

Format : MPEG-4 | Resolution : 1280 x 720