Shawn Part 5-8


Intporn Vip Bronse

Shawn’s thick mane of shoulder-length hair is not just sexy, it’s the perfect vehicle for rope bondage. Matt yanks Shawn off the floor by the roots, his hair bound in a nasty ponytail, and leads him to the bondage chair. There he ties the boy’s hair to the back of the high-top chair, then wraps his pecs with white rope, firmly binding him to the ladder-back. Next he ropes Shawn’s ankles, pulling them up painfully while forcing his chest to push out against the ropes. Shawn’s tanned body looks great, abs flexing, his cock straining against tight briefs. It’s time to sit back and watch this magnificent boy struggle. A few hours pass and Matt cuts off Shawn’s undies and shoves them in his mouth. He further gags Shawn with his open hand as he works his rope slave’s cock until it stands up straight. More hand gagging and nipple play make it clear whose boss. Even after Shawn manages to spit out his gag and shake loose his hair, he’s still totally helpless and even more beautiful. “Let me go! Let me go!” he bellows, but he’s not going anywhere for a long time.

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