Sexy Vintage PornStar More Full (1970 - 1995)


Nasty Nymphos 7 (1995)

Starring: Bunny Bleu, J.R. Carrington, Sophia Ferrari, Heather Lee, Olivia, Sally Layd, Marc Davis, Cal Jammer, Sean Michaels, Mr. Marcus, Dick Nasty, Tom Byron.
Categories: Classic
Date Added: 1995
(965 Mb)

6 all new sex scenes, 6 Bra Busting Beauties (all of them taking it up the ass), 3 interracial scenes, 6 facial frostings, Sally laid in an awesome genital stretching double penetration with Tom Byron and Sean Michaels.

Scene 1. Bunny Bleu, Mark Davis
Scene 2. J.R. Carrington, Cal Jammer
Scene 3. Sophia Ferrari, Sean Michaels
Scene 4. Heather Lee, Mr. Marcus
Scene 5. Olivia, Dick Nasty
Scene 6. Sally Layd, Sean Michaels, Tom Byron


Hot Flashes (1984)

Starring: Beverly Bliss, Crystal Breeze, Desiree Lane, Dorothy Onan, Karen Summer, Kristara Barrington, Lisa Lake, Mauvais DeNoir, Tracy Duzit, Dan T. Mann, Don Fernando, Francois, Jimmy Starr, Joe Elliot, Jon Martin, Nick Niter, Shone Taylor, Steve Powers, Zebedy Colt
Categories: Classic
Date Added: 1984
(965 Mb)

Lecherous photographer Eric Edwards gets his kicks taking pictures of unsuspecting couples having sex. When he and a buddy visit Arcadia Lake and her roommate, he regales them with vivid descriptions of his erotic adventures as a man with a carnal camera. Featured performers include John Holmes in a boatside tryst with Serene, and Samantha Fox taking on a roomful of studs while being sprayed from head to toe with whipped cream!

Scene 1. Lisa Lake, Don Fernando
Scene 2. Nicole Blanc, Rocky Balboa
Scene 3. Karen Summer
Scene 4. Nicole Blanc
Scene 5. Dorothy Onan
Scene 6. Dorothy Onan, Francois, Shone Taylor
Scene 7. Dorothy Onan, Jimmy Star
Scene 8. Lisa Lake, Don Fernando
Scene 9. Karen Summer, Jimmy Star
Scene 10. Crystal Breeze, Desiree Lane, Dorothy Onan, Karen Summer, Don Fernando, Francois, Jimmy Starr, Joe Elliot
Scene 11. Nicole Blanc, Nick Niter
Scene 12. Karen Summer, Lisa Lake, Dan T. Mann
Scene 13. Dorothy Onan, Nicole Blanc
Scene 14. Kristara Barrington, Francois
Scene 15. Dorothy Onan, Jimmy Star
Scene 16. Kristara Barrington, Desiree Lane, Karen Summer, Lisa Lake, Dan T. Mann, Francois, Nick Niter, Shone Taylor
Scene 17. Kristara Barrington, Dorothy Onan, Don Fernando
Scene 18. Dorothy Onan, Karen Summer, Lisa Lake, Nicole Blanc, Dan T. Mann, Francois, Jimmy Star, Nick Niter


Dickheads (1993)

Starring: Debi Diamond, Heather Lee, Isis Nile, Steffi, Cal Jammer, Rick Masters, Tony Martino
Categories: Classic
Date Added: 1993
(1365 Mb)

A group of head first aliens with a passion for consuming mass quantities of cooch and other assorted wet items. There’s never been neighbors like this! They hump, howl, squeal and shimmy all night long and well into the day. Lock your windows, bar your doors. They’re here.

Scene 1. Isis Nile, Cal Jammer
Scene 2. Debi Diamond, Tony Martino
Scene 3. Steffi, Rick Masters
Scene 4. Heather Lee, Isis Nile
Scene 5. Steffi, Tony Martino



Coming On Strong (1988)

Starring: Samantha Strong John Leslie Peter North Tom Byron Ron Jeremy Nina Hartley Mike Horner Sharon Mitchell Scott Irish Kim Alexis Kathleen Gentry Marilyn Jess Lois Ayres Tiffany James Herschel Savage
Categories: Classic
Date Added: 1988
(765 Mb)

Her big and well rounded tits are legendary, her uncontrollable sexual energy is what every man lusts for. Samantha Strong is an ultimate sex machine. John Leslie relives some of her hottest moments in this incredibly hot video. She's one horny honey who's Coming On Strong and nothing's going to stop her!

Scene 1. Samantha Strong, Sharon Mitchell, Hershel Savage
Scene 2. Kim Alexis, Samantha Strong, John Leslie
Scene 3. girl, Tiffany James, Mike Horner
Scene 4. Samantha Strong, Peter North, Tom Byron
Scene 5. Lois Ayres, Samantha Strong, Scott Irish
Scene 6. Nina Hartley, Samantha Strong, Hershel Savage
Scene 7. Kathleen Gentry, John Leslie


Wanda Whips Wall Street (1981)

Starring: Veronica Hart, Samantha Fox, Sharon Mitchell, Tish Ambrose, Chantel Duclos, Patricia Dale, Susanne Tyson, Adam DeHaven, Ashley Moore, Chuck Baron, Carter Tweasdale, George Payne, Jamie Gillis, Kurt Mann, Ron Hudd, Ron Jeremy, Rick Marx
Categories: Classic
Date Added: 1981
(765 Mb)

Wanda Whips Wall Street is the first adult motion picture to probe and expose the sexy and exciting world of Big Money. Wanda, played by the lovely Veronica Hart, sets out to gain complete financial domination of a major securities firm. Wanda uses methods both unlawful and immoral in her quest for more of the corporation’s stock. When the Chairman of the Board realizes what is happening, a private detective, played by Jamie Gillis, is brought in to bring Wanda to her knees. This hot drama of confrontation twists and turns through yachts, beaches and country homes, with a large cast of terrific looking people. This is the hottest film about stocks & bonds you’re ever likely to see!

Scene 1. Veronica Hart, Chuck Baron
Scene 2. Veronica Hart, Ashley Moore
Scene 3. Tish Ambrose, Peter Johns
Scene 4. Chantel Duclos, Jamie Gillis
Scene 5. Lisa B., Ron Jeremy
Scene 6. Tish Ambrose, Sharon Mitchell, Steve Milner
Scene 7. Samantha Fox, George Payne
Scene 8. Sandra Hillman, Ron Hudd
Scene 9. Veronica Hart, Jamie Gillis
Scene 10. Tish Ambrose, Ron Jeremy


Roxanna (1970)

Starring: Darian Caine Katie Jordon Misty Mundae
Categories: Classic
Date Added: 1970
(765 Mb)

Seeing its first-ever release on home video is the 1970 film Roxanna directed by sexploitation auteur Nick Phillips and starring legendary Swedish sex-siren Uschi Digart. This Uncut Theatrical Version is partnered with the ultra-sexy Retro Seduction Cinema Remake starring Misty Mundae (Play-Mate of the Apes), Darian Caine (Mistress Frankenstein) and Katie Jordon (Erotic Witch Project 2). Roxanna (Misty Mundae) knows who she wants, what she craves, and how to get it, and nothing or no one is going to stop her. She spends her nights and days experimenting with her sweet young body - satisfying a hot erotic appetite with an endless parade of female lovers. But Roxanna's obsession with exquisite and limitless pleasures of the flesh begins to take over her life, and soon lesbian desires surge beyond her control. Naughty fantasies become mouth-watering reality, and Roxanna loses herself completely to this world of delectable sin. With the final realization that she has taken things too far - farther than her mind and body can handle - Roxanna must come to terms with her insatiable libido, or face the devastating consequences.

Scene 1. Louise Thompson, Uschi Digart
Scene 2. Louise Thompson, guy
Scene 3. Louise Thompson, Monica Gayle
Scene 4. Louise Thompson, Lynn Harris


Coming Alive (1988)

Starring: Nikki Randall Billy Dee Buddy Love Fallon Dana Lynn Jon Stallion Tony Montana Don Fernando
Categories: Classic
Date Added: 1988
(1365 Mb)

Las Vegas Video presents you with our newest entry into our line of classic movies. Starring Nikki Randall, Dana Lynn, and Fallon, it is bound to find an honored place among your porn!



Slightly Used (1987)

Starring: Sharon Kane Ona Zee Tiffany Storm Gina Gianetti Sylvia Vanessa Don Fernando Tanya Foxx Scott Irish Buddy Love Peter North Eric Edwards Tom Byron Robert Bullock Blake Palmer Frank James
Categories: Classic
Date Added: 1987
(1565 Mb)

Get ready for a new type of adult viewing experience. A rare, raunchy and racy view of sex as rarlly shown before. The famous purveyor of classy erotica, "Deep Throat's" GERARD DAMIANO, does it again with a different slant on women who work hard for their money, on their backs, and in every position, all to please their weary and worn male customers

Scene 1. Tiffany Storm, Frank James
Scene 2. Gina Gianetti, Buddy Love
Scene 3. Ona Z, Don Fernando
Scene 4. Tiffany Storm, Blake Palmer
Scene 5. Gina Gianetti, Tom Byron
Scene 6. Ona Z, Peter North, Robert Bullock, Scott Irish
Scene 7. Gina Gianetti, Tanya Foxx, Blake Palmer, Tom Byron
Scene 8. Sharon Kane, Eric Edwards