Sexy Brazilian Lesbian Workout


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Sexy Brazilian Lesbian Workout

Starring : Sara Lopez, Giuliana Leme, Suzana Rhios, Regininha Gaucha, Giselle Bitenkur, Nicolle Bitencourt, Celiny Salles, Ana Luz

Giuliana Leme and Sara Lopez don't need to warm up - they're already hot from the first frame of this 27 minute scene! The ladies can't wait to lick every inch of flesh they see, and they don't wait but a moment to start sliding off clothes and letting hands and tongues roam... but the toys get the most action of all, as these horny lesbians get each other off!
Regininha Gaucha and Suzana Rhios work up a sweat, but it's not because of the exercise... it's the sight of each other in tight workout gear, that's making these two lesbians so hot! Enjoy 29 minutes from Sexy Brazilian Lesbian Workout - wherein this pair of toned-up blonde and brunette beauties have both felt the burn... now it's time to feel the lick, the stroke, the buzz, and each other!
Giselle Bitenkur and Nicolle Bitencourt continue their strenuous exercise plan with this 23 minute scene from Sexy Brazilian Lesbian Workout. They've never been this happy to head out the door for the weekly fitness date... but, you'd be eager, too, if ''exercise date'' had a silent 's' at the beginning! Forget weights and treadmills, these women stay in shape using sex toys and long, restless afternoons squirming on their backs...
Ana Luz and Celiny Salles are tired of their boring old workout routine... they're ready to try the Sexy Brazilian Lesbian Workout! As you'll see in this 27 minute scene, they're instantly happy with the results - they say ''no pain, no gain,'' but these Latinas will work up a sweat and keep a high heart rate with no problems, cumming over and over in each others' mouths like this...
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