Sex with Octopuses, Worms, Maggots, Eels & Sea Cucumbers.


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GEN-002 Anal Sex with loaching Eels.

Eroticism eels. Extremely thick eel with dark, oily sheen. That, I thought, if it was inserted into the vagina? I made this film to answer those questions. I never spoke with acne or loach in my life. But I tried my best to take it off, though, to be frightened of their strange signal transmission defendant. People still ask me whether the picture on the cover CGI. I can assure you that it is an authentic and alive. This film, directed only, defined leadership label Genki.

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GEN-004 Be Buried Among The Sea of Cucumbers and have sex.

Marine slug crawling on the skin, I bought the most beautiful sea slugs directly from the Inland Sea of Japan. At first, I felt very comfortable with them, because they are often sold in supermarkets. But I was so wrong! They post these yellow, orange internal organs from their tips, which were wrapped around the body of an actress and let out an incredible stench. But they are also just as hard as a human cock and obviously give great pleasure, once inserted.

Genki - GEN-004.part1.rar
Genki - GEN-004.part2.rar
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GEN-012 The Loachs Punishment And Lesbians Desire In Eels.

The game of survival has begun. Mystery man makes it ill-ad three girls he kidnapped and holds prisoner. They must obey his orders if they want to survive. The hangers-throw girls with loach and eels, rubbing them all over their bodies. The girls have no choice but to endure it. Then, he orders his men stuck loach and eels in each hole. This packed things sadistic pleasure, but a little more twisted than our films.

Genki - GEN-012.part1.rar
Genki - GEN-012.part2.rar
Genki - GEN-012.part3.rar
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GEN-005 Morale Lesbian Wriggles And Coming Octopus Wriggles

Octopus and a lesbian. I managed to get their new octopus after the recognition of the restaurant owner specialist. Octopus can bite. Not many people know this. When the actress was bitten and started bleeding, I had to briefly stop the hunt. Suckers were stronger than I expected, so strong that they turn purple skin. Observe the actresses in torment as the octopus moves and sucking on their skin. Afterwards, we fry them in oil and served with rice.

Genki - GEN-005.part1.rar
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GEN-006 The Fat Eel And The Loach Are Inserted Into The Anus Of A Lewd Lesbian

Penis, made of thick eel, it is - lesbian version of the film with eels and loach. The scene I was most excited about used extremely thick eel as two complete penis. Other scenes came from suggestions made by customers who bought the first. The hardest part was when one of the actresses took from hyperventilation. I had to stop filming, not knowing whether we could continue. Obviously, when the loach are furious at the anus.

Genki - GEN-006.part1.rar
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GEN-013 The Snake Coils Around Glare Woman Soft Body

Beauty confusing anaconda! Giant snake, the body which extends over several meters. Frogs, who devour their prey. Snakes in a rainbow of paint and huge lizards. Reptiles - the stars of our 13th film Konki. We also have three beautiful actresses working in the game lesbian S & M! Watch the girls swarming reptiles! This - grotesque and beautiful at the same time. There is a shock after shock to this endless banquet of obscenity. Which end is waiting for them?

Genki - GEN-013.part1.rar
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GEN-015 The Afraid To A Wicked Eel And A Cruel Loach And Fear It

Captured and chained. My hands and legs shackled together. I can barely move. Salvation is out of the question. Acne and loach swarming around and slide over my body. I hear a man's voice. 'I can tell you where the key,' he says. "It was hidden in his stomach eel. Bring it without using your hands, and I will liberate you. Yes that's right, you'll have to break the eel, open with your teeth. 'And so, captured terror, she rushes to the eel, to save himself! Daikichi Amano

Genki - GEN-015.part1.rar
Genki - GEN-015.part2.rar
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GEN-018 The Fish That Has Is Crunched And The Wound Is Received

Covered by the Blood of minced fish flesh and fish guts envelop a woman with their slime and stench. It frees a mysterious moan - half in ecstasy, half in the madness. Fish scales and saliva ooze from her gaping mouth. Her face is artificial with blood. She looks elegant. Fish guts are hanging from his mouth throw in a charming smile. This banquet of madness has just begun. A pile of small fishies is her side, waiting to chopped. It raises some of her stunned eyes and flickering ...

Genki - GEN-018.part1.rar
Genki - GEN-018.part2.rar
Genki - GEN-018.part3.rar
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