Sex Art - Samantha Joons And Tracy Lindsay


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Samantha Joons, Tracy Lindsay - Jenga
Released: September 4, 2013

Two friends enjoy a game on a quiet afternoon — a typical scene played out daily around the world. But apart from the game that gives Andrej Lupin’s “Jenga” its title, there’s nothing typical about it. The setting, for example, is a room with a thick pane of glass set into a hardwood floor. And the friends — dark-haired Samantha Joons (making her SexArt debut) and blonde Tracy Lindsay — are exceptionally beautiful. While they’re both spirited competitors, once the wooden tower they’ve constructed topples, they turn their attentions to more rewarding pursuits. Tracy Lindsay strips her playmate in stages. First her bra comes off revealing erect and suckable nipples. Pulling aside her panties reveals a shaved and succulent pussy that begs to be eaten to orgasm. In play, of course, turnabout is only fair, so Ms. Joons then disrobes her partner and evens the score in this feverish game of lust. Lupin takes full advantage of his eager performers and unique setting, and much of the action is captured from below, yielding unusual and eye-pleasing angles of the uninhibited eroticism. In this game of “Jenga” everyone’s a winner!

Movie Type: Movie Clip
Movie Content: All Girls, Blonde, Girl-Girl, Lesbian, Masturbation
File Size: 317.39 MiB


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