Scarlett Vs Chloe: 2v1 cheating (Niki as referee\instrusion)

Smother match, win who smother the opponent in 2 rounds (3 round match)
Chloe have a tag team partner, if she can reach her corner, Niki will help her.
This is not exactly what happens, the easy cheat is around the corner,
and this make the match not truly fair.
Niki will enjoy the match two times when Scarlett doesn't expect it, and this is an
hard time for her; is so easy to smother in a 2vs1!
Niki and Chloe know very well a lot of hot positions and moves, that make this
match a really sexy one. Scarlett will be humiliated under their feet,
while they torture her nipples and pussy.
At the end, Scarlett is forced to give an orgasm to Niki licking her pussy, with feet on her face.
The prize for a good cunnilingus is another licking... the ass!
The language is ITA sub ENG

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