[RY] Casting - Female Agent Trust me I'm a woman HD


Gina (33 mins). As a special treat for you this week members I'd like to show you how I became the fake female agent that I am today. You see I once was the victim of a casting session and this is where I got bit by the bug of deception and had such a good fuck that I thought why not do this on a more fake professional level. I was waiting for a girlfriend to arrive by train and got accosted by this handsome gentleman with a camera who offered me money and promised me the world, kind of what I do now to would be porn stars. Anyway, suffice to say his cock was as thick as his promises were thin and we ended up having outdoor sex for cash. His thick cock filled me almost to bursting and I had such an amazing, earth tearing orgasm in the doggy style position that I almost gave him his money back. Watch as I fuck this stranger in a few positions, swallowing his thick girth and cumming all over his cock, before taking his load in my mouth. Enjoy.



Rollie (38 mins). First off I must apologize to all of you for the technical fault that occurred whilst filming this casting. One of our cameras was filming but the video file became corrupted and unusable, so we only had one camera with which to put the scene together so it can be slightly jerky at times. Won't happen again, I promise. Anyway, Rollie came into the office bragging that he had slept with 350 girls which set my bullshit detector into overdrive. Rollie was an attractive young man, but because of his age I thought he was lying to me so I decided to tease him. I wound him up, being a complete cock tease to the poor chap till his balls were tighter then a coiled spring. All this teasing was winding me up as well so I decided to test his tongue out. He lay down and I straddled his face, pressing down on his lips with my own. His tongues consumed my pussy and it felt amazing so I decided to let him fuck me doggy style. I made him wear a condom just in case as he professed to sleeping with so many girls, and he began to pound me from behind. But then just as it started to get good, it stopped and he complained that he could not fuck me with a condom on. So it looked like I was going to have to take care of myself once more. I made him wank himself to orgasm whilst I slid a dildo in and out of my beautiful pussy and after he came I threw him out, useless man. Then I fucked myself to orgasm, twitching and groaning on the end of my toy and making my pussy ever so sensitive.


Ricky (28 mins). Ricky was a piano player who wanted to try his hand at a different profession and it was done to me to see if he could hit all the right notes. A rather thick set gentleman he had a nice personality that was juts slightly tinged with a hint of arrogance, but I can handle arrogance so long as it fucks well. We started the interview and it was soon agreed that I would have to test him in this casting to see if he was up for the job. He agreed easily enough and was soon naked and wanking his cock to stiffness. I decided to start by testing his boasts of his prowess at licking women out. He was soon between my legs, face buried in my honey pot, lapping away with an eager ferocity. I have to be honest, he was quite impressive at licking me, his tongued licked in and out and around faster then a bees wing. It was time to test his fucking ability. That's when the reality came crashing in. He fucked me for about 90 seconds before he shot his load all over my leg. That was probably the quickest I've ever seen a man cum, I know my pussy is tight but I wouldn't even have had time to boil an egg with that sex session. Bitterly disappointed I asked him to leave but I was still aching for my orgasm, so I brought the big gun out. Within moments I was soon sat on the couch gliding my dildo inside and out, my pussy lips gripping it firmly as I fucked my self to orgasm. If you want a job doing, it's best to do it yourself.


Hugo (46 mins). What is it with young men today and their inability to perform. These are meant to be young, virile studs, at their peak of their sexual prowess, ready to fuck for days on end without a morsel of food or a sip of water. I wish I knew where these young stallions were. Take Hugo for example, nice guy, good looking chap, seemed quite confident, my pussy was ticking over as I watched him answer my questions. He seemed eager enough to get undressed and then I wanted him to get hard and that's where the whole casting started to unravel. Now I'm not being funny but I have a body that could turn gay men straight and I know there's pressure to perform in this industry, but with only myself, the cameramen and Hugo in the room you'd think he could raise at least a smile let alone his cock. He kept asking me to suck his cock but I refused, how much help does this guy want, I was masturbating in front of him, I could have turned a stone on I was looking that horny with my fingers in my pussy and my breast in the other hand. Finally after an age Hugo got a hard on and it was fucking time. I like it hard and fast and Hugo certainly got going when he finally got hard, but to be honest I had kind of lost interest by now, the guy had pissed me off a bit. I asked him for his cum shot and when he couldn't even produce that and went soft once again it was time to throw him out. Not the greatest casting, although I looked amazing as normal, but I didn't get my orgasm. Enjoy the video tho, I made him feel as small as his balls by the time he left.


Denis (26 mins). Denis is quite possibly one of the skinniest guys I have ever laid eyes on. I thought he was a 2 dimensional character when he first entered the office and if he'd come in through the door sideways I'd have never known he was there. Seriously, this guy would have to wear a belt with spandex. Hell, he'd have to stand in the same place twice just to cast a shadow. Anyway I digress, back to the casting. Denis was a nice enough chap that seemed slightly nervous when he first entered the room but he was full of confidence about his own sexual ability and really wanted to try his cock at a career in porn. I had been winding my assistant cameraman up all morning and I was feeling deliciously horny so I decided to give him a trial. When he removed his clothes he got even slimmer, although his cock was more then adequate. He said he was so small because of all the sports he does. Like what, hang gliding off a Dorito? Anyway I decided to take complete control of Mr Transparent and I got him to start by sucking and licking my pussy. I gave him constant direction on what to do to really hit my pleasure centers and I was soon bending over on the couch as he alternated between licking my asshole and sucking on my clit. Time for him to fuck me and with yet more direction he really got my pussy going, finishing me off with an amazing orgasm in the doggy style position that had me trembling like a leaf in an autumn wind afterwards. Time to see how good this guy really was and before long he was producing a thick wad of every woman?s favorite sauce all over my still trembling ass cheeks. Then I threw him out. An amazing casting with a skinny delicious stud.


Enzo (36 mins). Allow me to introduce myself as the latest member to the Fake Female Agent team, Zuzana. I can't wait to deceive and consume potential porn stars with our devious brand of being completely fake agents. I recognized Enzo as he soon as he walked into the room just from being a fan of the website before I got recruited. I remember him being seduced and duped by the delicious Cynthia a few months back so I started to feel a little nervous as he approached the desk. But to my surprise he didn't even mention his previous experience, maybe he was embarrassed and I certainly wasn't Cynthia, he must have thought I was a completely different agency as we like to mix the names up to keep our secret safe. Anyway, I remember him being a beautiful fuck for Cynthia and I was determined to get the same thing from him. I'm quite a confident woman anyway and I soon slipped into the role naturally and he was swallowing every lie I told him. It wasn't long before he was naked with his impressive cock swinging like a boom mast in front of me as I told him to seduce me. He was soon kissing me passionately and I climbed onto the desk so he could get to work licking my tight pussy. I love to grind a mans head into my velvet folds and really get his tongue deep probing inside me. I was so turned on by now that I had to taste his meat in my mouth and shortly after he was pounding me hard from behind. This guy is one good fuck, not a lot of experience but he has the stamina and the cock to really make it in this industry. He fucked me in missionary next and I was loving the feel of his cock stretching out my demure pussy. I wanted to see his cumshot and it wasn't long before he was spraying it round like an eager fireman in a blazing house, covering everything with his foam. It was in my hair and all over my body, an impressive casting from a great guy, what away to kick off my first casting.


Caesar (35 mins). Caesar was a very confident chap who strolled into my office looking to make a career with his cock. He seemed to have a little trouble taking orders from a woman in a position of power but by the end of the casting I had him eating out of my hand. He was a little nervous when I started to undress him until I convinced him that this was normal for a casting and I had to test him out. He had a very nice body with a good sized thick cock that was making me feel incredibly horny. I asked him to make his dick hard and with the help of my petite feet he was soon as hard as a miners helmet. I got him to lick my beautiful pussy and although it was very nice, I needed a cock in me right there and then. I got him to sit on the couch then I slowly mounted him and eased him into my tight, wet hole. I love to be on top and I was soon bouncing all over his thick shaft as I rode him like there was no tomorrow. Now it was his turn to show me what he was made of and he took my breath away as he rapidly fucked me in doggy style, firing his cock into me like he was fucking for his life. This young stud had some stamina, and next he fucked me in missionary, picking up my lithe body at one point and just filling me completely with his cock. I wanted to see his cumshot then so I gave him a two minute warning and fair play, he did the job, firing a wad of his cock snot all over my stomach. A very good casting with a very impressive stud. Enjoy.


Peter (26 mins). Peter is a very straight laced guy, polite, softly spoken, straight to the point and a very serious guy. He has very little sexual experience, he had quite a conservative upbringing and if he fucks me in this casting I would be only the third woman he has ever slept with in his entire life. I must admit the idea of taking this man and showing him exactly what a real life hellcat could fuck like was turning me on. He said now he was divorced he wanted to do porn as he thinks it would be a life changing experience. He wasn't exactly the best looking stud I've ever had on the casting couch but I decided to treat him and so I asked him to remove his clothes so I could get a better look at him. He had a very small penis, so I asked him to make his dick hard and that's when the wait began. The cameras and my assistant were clearly making him nervous and making his cock softer then cotton candy. I decided to step in and help him out as I was feeling very horny and I didn't have all day. I sucked his cock like a professional, playing with his balls and engulfing his small penis into my tight mouth. He started to get aroused so I got him to lick my pussy, which he wasn't very good at to be honest. It was then that I noticed that his dick was being gravity?s bitch and pointing at the floor. It was ultimatum time, I got out one of my favorite toys and told him that if he didn't have a hard dick by the time I made myself cum then he wouldn't get to fuck me. I began to slide the balls deep inside me, gripping my own breasts and groaning with desire as I made love to myself expertly. Did he manage to get hard and fuck me before I came to my own brilliant orgasm? Guess you'll have to watch it to find out.


Kevin (32 mins). Kevin looked a bit battered and bruised when he entered the office and the reason soon became apparent, he was a cage fighter sporting a broken finger. I like a bit of rough in my men and his whole being stunk of male testosterone and was turning me on. He wanted to try his hand at porno and when I asked him to remove his clothes I got the shock of my life. His cock looked like it was covered in warts, it was bumpier then a farmers dirt track. He quickly explained to me that they were piercings under the skin that were designed to bring pleasure to both the man and the women whilst they were fucking. It looked very strange to me and I wasn't sure how I felt about it, but I was going to find out as I was desperate for a fucking and he was in my office on a casting. I decided to have some fun with him and to see just how much power I could exert over these men in my castings, what would they be willing to do to get a job and to have the opportunity to fuck me. Quite a lot it would seem, I had Kevin crawling round on his hands and knees barking and pretending to be a dog. Men are idiots. Anyway enough was enough and he was soon licking at my pussy like the thirsty dog I had turned him into. Now it was time to test drive this ribbed for pleasure cock of his. He starting fucking me from behind and fair play it did feel good, he pounded into me and my pussy was soon clenching round his cock as I came beautifully, half submersed into the couch. Then he started to fuck me missionary style but he lost his hard on. I was worried that he would be another candidate that couldn't cum but to my relief he shot his load all over my stomach. A very good casting, but can't say the piercings made it any more better.


Dave (25 mins). I had been feeling particularly horny this morning as I awaited my castings for the day, so when Dave walked in I was almost ready to pounce on him there and then. He wanted to try his hand, or cock I suppose, in the porno industry. I was already sizing him up and then he said he was a masseuse and I could see my angle clearly to get him deep inside me. There's nothing more sensual and erotic then massage oil and a pair of strong hands. I soon had my top off as I sat on his lap so he could caress my skin. It wasn't long before his hands slipped down the front of my leggings as he fingered me from behind. I got him naked also and bent over my desk as he continued to massage oil into my buttocks, before slipping his fingers into me and finger fucking me. With the oil making my skin all slippery all I wanted now was his big, long, thick cock inside me so I asked him to fuck me from behind. He was soon sawing his big dick into me, slowly at first and then building momentum. I wanted to take charge of the sex so I got him to sit down on the chair and I straddled him in reverse cowgirl. I was soon sliding up and down his rod but it was too much for the poor fella and he almost came inside me, just managing to whip his cock out before blowing his load over my body. He was so embarrassed at his poor performance that he grabbed his clothes and left, and it was up to me to bring myself off with my own trusty and skilled digits, I ploughed them inside me until my own orgasm engulfed me. A great casting that with a touch more stamina could have been outstanding.


Ken (38 mins). Ken was a very handsome man and I was very much looking forward to sliding his dick into my tight pussy and getting the monster fuck of my young life. From the moment he entered the room he was very polite and had a very sexy, confident manner to him. My knickers were beading up with anticipation and it wasn't long before I had convinced him to do a casting video. I teased him a little at first, getting him to do a strip tease for me, before I got him to bury his head deep into my folds and lap away like the stud that got the cream. He was making me wetter then a dolphins nose and it was time to feel that big cock inside me. A strange thing with Ken is that he wanted to kiss me all the time, but that's far too intimate an act for me for a casting video, my kisses are reserved for the special few. He fucked me really good, his ass going up and down like a bee's wing in the spoon position before he lifted me up on top of him and slammed into me repeatedly. My fanny was twitching like a cats tail with orgasmic convulsions. Then I rode him in cowgirl and his stamina was impressive, he just kept on fucking like there was no tomorrow, but always trying to steal a kiss of me. Then he fucked me in missionary, hammering away like an eager carpenter. I had had my fill of orgasms for the afternoon and I asked him to cum all over my hot little body. This is where we hit some stumbling blocks, even with me sucking on him like a determined limpet to a rock, the man just would not cum. I began to really work the blowjob, with oral skills that would impress the entire cast of Deep Throat. So could I get him to give me the man juice I craved, or did he fall at the last hurdle. Guess you'll have to press play to watch and find out.