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A Fan's Special Request

Hey guys!!! I've been getting some pretty interesting fan mail and requests in the last couple of weeks, so this week I decided to be a little more responsive to my fan's suggestions. I started reading as many as I could, and my favorite one was from a guy who says that he loves when me and my friends wear cotton panties, and that he would love to see us pull them down real slowly until they are wrapped around our ankles. Then me and my friend would masturbate while watching one of my guy friends jerk off. Really Hot! When ready to bust a load, he would cum on our panties, and at the end of it all, I decided to give the shoot a little taste of my own!!!!! Enjoy!

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Brandi Spy Cam

Hey guys, it's me Brandi. I'm so excited, I have like this completely new fetish that I wanna try out. I wanna see if I like it and if I do, I'll use it a lot more often with my scenes. You all know by now that I have a thing for voyeurism. At one point or another, I've placed hidden cameras to capture myself in action. Watching myself gives me a sense of pleasure and gets me off in ways you couldn't imagine. Well anyways, enough about that, this week I decided to tried out what I like to call "Brandi Spy Cam". I hid a camera in the bathroom stall, and I let my friend in on it. She was sort of like what I call "the bait". Her job was to get a random dude to go in the stall with her and see how far they would get. I find myself to be more and more of a peeping tom, anxious to see how the scenes unfold naturally when people think no one is looking at them. In this video, the fucking was pretty amazing. As soon as they walked into the stall, they pushed each other against the wall and got it on passionately, they fucked in all types of positions, they looked like they did not feel limited at all. They took advantage of the floor, of the wall, and even the toilet. My favorite though was "the crab", you could see thoroughly how his cock slides in and out of her pussy. Very Hot! I plan to make more of these, probably without either party knowing they're being watched. Until then, don't forget, keep sending me in those emails with all your kinky requests and fantasies. I hope you enjoy this one, because I sure did.

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I decided this week seeing as everybody is so busy with the all the holidays and what not i decided to keep things simple..short and sweet if you will...actually more salty than sweet hehehe. This is actually oddly enough a shoot that has been requested by alot of you guys which i find odd cause it involves me doing nothing really but sitting on my knees waiting for my friend daniel hear to cum in my face. Really, thats all there is i wait he wacks it then my face is full of cum..well on that note i have a lot of last minute christmas shopping to do so ill leave you guys to this shoot i know its not the most exciting but it still has all the essentials..me!!! oh yeah but there is one thing missing and thats my voice cause my dopey camera guy recorded this with no sound and if you all remember correctly this isnt the first time hes screwed up so he is skating on some very thin ice but it being the holidays n all i told him ive give him one more chance i told him to but some nice classical music over it when he edits it so i hope it still comes out enjoyable for all you guys... hehe i promise ill make it up to you guys next week luv ya'll and happy holidays na ll that.

Cast: Brandi Belle

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Backyard Boogie

I sure have met a lot of pornstars the past couple years. I wonder why that is...jk...man I thought I knew a lot of guys who were good in the sack b4 but ever since I’ve started this website I’ve been meeting a lot of real STUDS...as you know most of the stuff I do involves real friends of mine or at least acquaintances...ok some complete strangers I’ve met in random places...its all in good fun right? Anyway you guys probably remember the shoot I did last time with this guy Jordan...My editor gave it some French title, he can be a real pretentious dooshbag sometimes. Anyhow so yeah in that shoot Jordan had a three-way with a couple of buddies of mine while I watched...it was a lot of fun to watch but it seemed like my girlfriends were having a lot more fun by doing a lot more than just watching. I haven’t been able to get this guy out of my head so I called him up and of course this shoot is the outcome of that phone call...boy am I glad I called him what a stud!!! It worked out great since he flew in from LA and I just happened to be house sitting for an accountant friend of mine so we did it in his backyard...he's really strong he really had his way with me tossing me around like rag doll...good times!! enjoy it!!

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Paying Me Homage

Oh so flattered by all you guys and your fan mail...i know im proabbly starting to sound like a broken record but i just cant stress enough how cool it is to be getting these sex tapes from you guys...some are so amaizing i just have to put them up on my site...like this one for example...now i have to admit the timimng of this oging up has a lot to do with the fact that im on a bit of a break for now..but dont worry ill be back soon...ive been getting alot of email from some of you impatient fans of mine which i understand but patience is...something i forget..anyway you wont miss me too much when seeing these two lovely ladies get it on with some dude i forget his name...thanks angelica and lisa!!!

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Brandi's Instinct

While I may not be Sharon Stone im really starting to think my acting skills are starting to come around, what do you guys think? Me and a friend are even thinking of joining this acting seminar we saw a flyer for the other day. anyway i thought this little sketch we put together would be a good acting excercise if i ever decide to take this acting thing to the next level. and of course like most girls who love movies and are as sexually permiscious as myself we love us some basic instinct what better scene to reinact than the interrogation scene with the infamous beaver shot. of course i had my team of writers rewrite the scene (which i think they did quite cleverly i might add) to fit in more with my website and with the perverted minds of my adoring fans. and itwas one of the easiest sex scene ive ever had to do seeing as i love role playing so much..i was fucking the brains out of michael douglas (a much younger michael douglas) well atleast in my head i was anyway. I was merely actiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!!!!

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Making Dreams a Reality

Recently I have been wanting to give more back to my community. I have always admired things like the make a wish foundation. Making peoples dreams come to a reality. So when i got the email from sean and roxy i just knew i had to do something. Sean and Roxy have been together a long time. Roxy has always dreamt of being with a girl but never knew hot to go about doing it. So Sean took it upon himself to get help from me, to make his girlfriends dream come ture.

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The Pro

Hey guys! So I have been getting several emails from gitrls asking me to do another "how to" video on giving blowjobs. Seein as I have allready done one myself I thought I would bring in a friend of mine who is considered by many to be a Pro on this subject. Her name is Becky and she gives the best blowjobs this side (or any side) of the mississippi. Now I have gotten so many emails I couldnt get all of you on the show so i hand picked the best looking people ones, some with boyfriends and some without. It all added up for one of the hottest "how tp" seminars you will ever see.

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Brandi is back

Hey guys its me brandi and I'm back! i hope you guys didn't miss me too much but just incase you did i have a special treat for you this week. i had some of my friends come over to have some fun with penis. the girls and i had some penis pumps vibrators and other toys we wanted to try out on our male subjects i hope you like what we did for your viewing pleasure i know i sure as hell had fun. okay well see you later :)

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Glory Hole 101

So, I was having a little girl talk with Amia the other night & apparently she has never heard of a glory hole.....NEVER!!!! So you guys know I had to take her down to my secret "random cock craving" station & let me tell you guys, she was too happy with this idea. So we get there & after she gave this stranger cock a nice soothing blow job,it only made her hungry for more so she knocks & knocks again waiting for the next lucky random stranger until a nice big cock comes out & fucks her as she wished, you know I had to get mine after watching......

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Jury Duty

For all you guys with a nack for observation you may have noticed this isnt me in the video, do not worry i assure all of you i will be back next week.I dont know how many of you guys out there watch soap opera's (nor would i expect you to admit it if you do) but i happen to love them. I especially love it when they replace a characters actor with another and everyone goes on pretending its the same person. Oh Oh!!! heres an example more of you guys might get remember in the show rosanne when the actress that played becky quit and they just replaced her with another actress and the show went on as if nothing had changed...wasnt that cool!!!! Am i weird??? Anyhoo im only mentioning this so that you guys know this is not whats going on with this shoot... You see my cameraman has quite a busy schedule these days so i we can only meet up once maybe twice a week...and the day we scheduled to shoot was the same day i called off to jury duty. And i dont have to tell you guys who have done it how much jury duty sucks( ill digress on that a little later) but as for this shoot i had to get a replacement and i remember all the emails you guys sent saying how much you guys enjoyed ellie so i gave her a ring and she was more than heppy to do it. I dont have to tell you how beautiful this girl is (but we all no shes no brandibelle hehehe) So i sent her off with my camerman to see my buddy cj and from the looks of it they seemed to have a swell time, and im sure you guys will to...enjoy and dont worry next week ill be back in the flesh, well not really in the flesh but pretty close enjoy guys luvya!!!

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