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Name: Lenna from
Age: 18
Height: 5' 02
Employment: Fast Food Restaurant Cashier
Pictures: 570 High Resolution Pictures And More Coming!

I met this amateur teen babe at a music festival the other day over at the community park! I was just walking around looking for a new amateur girl to shoot, and I noticed that there was an empty seat in the audience where the bands were getting ready to take the stage. And of course, I also noticed the girl who was sitting beside that empty seat ...and that was Lenna! I thought that she was an adorable and cute girl, so I decided to speak with her about becoming one of my models! She told me that she was 18 years old and had absolutely no experience in nude modeling. So yeah, Lenna is definitely a fresh and very amateur girl! I hope that you guys like her amateur nude modeling pictures, and be sure to check back for more stuff coming out from Lenna! Lenna has a total amount of 570 high resolution and large photos in the members area, but that number will grow much higher since I am planning on shooting Lenna a few more times!

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