Please implement support for embedding images from!


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Hello. I've found this new wonderful, anonymous and encrypted picture host called The problem is, due to the encryption you need to do some changes to the site to make it work.
Please have a look. I think the site is really neat. If you want to save space on the server, you could use this site instead of attachments. Just a tip. It looks pretty easy to set up too.

Here's what a link to the site looks like!Wk60qw9v2YBQdhlE7glJV3LQxQcuegqoWsKQ9GNq

Here's what an embedded picture would look like
<img data-imgbi="!Wk60qw9v2YBQdhlE7glJV3LQxQcuegqoWsKQ9GNq" />