Please help me find this video

Hi when I was a kid I saw this movie and now I would like to rediscover it if possible.
Its from the nineties with a young, blond, petite female with fake boobs. The boobs were incredibly round. She is probably still a pornstar (im guessing that because of the fake boobs). The female has white socks and white tennis shoes on all the time during the movie.
The plot as I remember: A man gets out of the shower and the girl described above strips everything except shoes and gives him a BJ. The man carries the woman out on a table (into what I think is a laundry room). She lies on her back on the table with he legs over the mans shoulders and he fucks her...

If you have any idea what this movie could be, I would be very thankful. Please notice the incredibly round fake boobs and the white socks and shoes that she wears during the movie