Pink Petersburg - 3


Year: 2004
Genre: Lesbians, Russian girls, Russian films,
Duration: 2:18:55
Directed by: Maniac Rocky

Cast: Haya Hakim | Milena Lisitsyn | Ekaterina Morozova | Pauline Polyanskaya | Galina Blankina and their wonderful partner in all respects

Description: "Happiness - it's when you understand." Golden words, agree. And who understands the lone macho man who has got, like chickens in oschip, the party lesbians! What to do for himself and his cronies, which are close pants kamerok this torture? It remains only to take a attitude and nalyudat for this celebration of life, in which both of them, alas, someone else's. But, anyway, vpendyurit really want. The film includes excerpts from the movie: "The Princess - Frog," "Satan's Ball," "White Nights of St. Petersburg-3", "Party members", "Sexual Petersburg-1," "School Girl 2", "Chapayev" "Seduction-3", "schoolgirl-3", "PTUshnitsy in the torture chamber," "Luke Mudischev", "inter-ethnic Features," "group sex in the village," "Summer of fun," "Cops 2".

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