Nylons, Jeans, Leather, Pantyhose, Stockings (PICS and RIPS)


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Number of photos: 9457 photos
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Resolution: 1328x2000 up to 20001338
A Classy Parisian Lady offers you her nyloned feet!
Do you want be crazy with nylon stockings?
Have you a passion for pretty feet in sheer nylon and beautiful High heels?
Do you love long legs encased in silky and seamed nylon stockings?
If you have a real fetish for FEET and NYLON STOCKINGS, you have arrived at the right place!
Beautiful lingerie make women sexy in her elegant corsets, garterbelts, girdles and lace.
Lingerie may be the simplest and most effective tool in seduction. What man doesn't love looking at a woman in her magnificent outfit? She not only looks sexy, but she feels sexy, she becomes sexy. Lingerie can boost confidence and help shed inhibitions.
Too many women wear beautiful underwear only for special occasions. But it must be worn all day by women who like to feel classy and stunning under their clothes. There is no better way to let a man know that you want him and men love to be wanted!
What are the qualities essential to feminine allure? What is that attracts and holds the eye of the male?
Let me give you a hint. It begins at the tip of the toes and runs to the top of the hose ... legs and feet. And, incidentally, stockings without seams lack allure. Seams emphasize the curve line. Long, shaply legs clad in the sheerest of black nylon stockings held up snugly by a feminine garterbelt make a very pleasing sight to the man who really appreciates the beauty of a nicely turned pair of legs and a flash of white thigh!
I believe the first thing most men notice about a woman are her legs. Seamed stockings emphasize the gentle swell of a woman's calf.

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Description: Join our ladies wearing elegant clothes, office outfits, uniforms or just short skirts and tops showing off their legs in best brand pantyhoses. We do offer you only the highest quality of photos being shown exclusive on this sites here. Our ladies enjoy every minute in showing themselves from elegant and cool to sexy and nasy! See only the best brands of pantyhoses, some of them are very rare and not available on the market.
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Lily Wow. From Russia with Love Feet, Footfetish, Fully-fashioned stockings, Leggings, Legs, Lingerie, Hardcore, High heels, Nylons, pantyhose, Stockings 450x600 / 1280x1104, 23308 photo, 320 sets
Hi guys,
I am one of the very first Russian models, whose personal paysite you could see 11 years ago. A lot of time has passed since then, and time turned me into a beautiful and sexy lady. A real passion and great variety of sexual desires, ability to receive and do unearthly pleasure are the most important things that I managed to discover in me. I learned all secrets of a real woman and I became one.

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