Nurses - Gabriella Fox and Shawna Lenee


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Nurses - Gabriella Fox and Shawna Lenee
Date: 02/24/2009

The description: Shawna and Gabriella stop by the hospital to visit Shawna's boyfriend, Scott. The girls arrive at Scott's room just in time to see nurse Jesse Jane give him a kiss. Of course, that kiss temporarily sets off Shawna's jealousy. But, Shawna's excitement about a "present" that the girls brought Scott soon overpowers her envy. So, to prepare Scott's gift, the girls strut to the other side of his hospital room and behind a drawn curtain so that they can giggle, strip off each other's street clothes, and then don fantasy nurse's outfits. When they return to Scott's side of the room, the girls play "nurse" and give his body--especially his stiff-with-anticipation dick--a complete examination with their hands and mouths. Then, while checking his pulse, they inflame his lust by baring their unbelievably hot bodies. "Visuals always help the patient!" coos Shawna just before she shoves Scott's cock all the way down her throat. In turn, Scott uses his randy hands to stroke their luscious curves and eats the girl's pussies in 69 and missionary, too. When it's time for sex, Gabriella gets her pussy stuffed mish. While Scott pistons in-and-out, Shawna bends down to lick Gabriella's clit, setting off intense girl/girl action that continues throughout the sexual positions that follow. Each girl gets her pussy pounded in several positions (see below). And, they also take time to masturbate and fuck Scott's face, too. Shawna cums all over Scott's dick in cowgirl and missionary; both girls get off in reverse. To finish up this excellent scene, Scott pounds Gabriella's pussy in mish until he's ready to pop. Then, in just the nick of time, he pulls out and shoots his load all over the outside of Gabriella's vagina. It's almost as sweet as a cream pie! Then, 2009 Dr. Jay's Must-See Girl Shawna Lenee vacuums up Scott's semen from Gabriella's labia with her mouth and eats it! Good girl, Shawna.

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