NDT- Shave Me A Dance

NDT- Shave Me A Dance

Video language: English

When Max Flint gets locked out of his dorm house after returning at dawn from an all-night party, his only hope at getting back in is with his classmate, Sebastian Conally. The only problem is that Sebastian is a notorious sound sleeper. Some loud knocking on Sebastian's window finally awakens the sleeping Twink. This isn't the first time Max has forgotten to bring with him his keys, so Sebastian quickly guesses the problem. When he lets his pal in, Max notices Sebastian is sporting a substantial morning wood. Max doesn't like to see such a raging boner go to waste, so he takes advantage of the opportunity, kissing Sebastian hard and deep. Then he goes to his knees for a taste of that luscious cock. After some passionate sucking, Sebastian plants his own lips around Max's dick, taking it all the to the back of his throat. And that's just to warm up! Max has wanted Sebastian's cock in his ass since the semester started, and now he feeling it slide into his tight hole. Sebastian likes the way this boy takes a fucking. Then it's Max's turn to bang Sebastian. You're gonna love this sexy, early morning encounter.Enjoy!

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