Natalia Coxxx Cross Country

Natalia Coxxx Cross Country

Released: 2010
Category: Shemale
Time: 15 min

Natalia Coxxx Cross Country! / Cycle ride!
Year: 2010
Country: USA
Genre: Shemale
Length: 00:14:32
Cast: Natalia Coxxx, Lance

Description: "So what's the bet today", Natalia asks Lance. He replies. . . the long loop and winner gets a blowjob. Natalia responds "How about the short loop and winner gets to fuck the loser". Lance agrees and they set off on their mountain bikes. About an hour later we see them coming down the trail and Natalia is in the lead. She gloats about winning and demands her trophy immediately. She gets him to suck her cock until it is nice and hard and then she bends him over his bike and takes his ass right there on the side of the trail. She pounds him in several positions and he loves every minute of it (We have to wonder if he lost on purpose). Natalia shows him that the only thing she does faster than ride a bike is fuck ass! Watch for a huge pop shot from both of them. Natalia won the race but in the end I think they were both winners!

Quality: HD
Format: WMV
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Audio: WMA2 44100Hz 2ch 48kbps

Quality: HD
Format: WMV
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