I am going to put Myles in the intellectual ‘Brainiac” category. He is in the last year of getting his Masters in Physics and after talking to him just a little bit, you can tell the dude is super smart.

And pretty shy too. Very quiet and soft-spoken. He gets right to point, says what he needs to say, and moves on. Very efficient!

Though don’t let his IQ fool ya. Myles spends quality time in the gym, focusing on mind AND body. He keeps his diet in check and with no tattoos, he is a blank canvas.

He has a fat cock on him too. I think it rivals Vander or Bentley in thickness, but not quite as long. It is a bit hard to tell as he jerks-off like a hummingbird. Rapid fire jerking as he pounds his meat into submission.

He does slow it down for the cum shot, and it a very interesting cum shot as he switches from super-fast to barely moving as he spasms. He gets some height, and it could almost be a hands-free cum shot if it weren’t for his, well, hand!

You can tell he was nervous and not too sure about everything, but perhaps deep inside this intellectual guy, beats a true exhibitionist.

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