My Sisters Hot Friend - Cadence Lux / April 10, 2013

My Sisters Hot Friend - Cadence Lux / April 10, 2013

Levi's about to head to the grocery store when he hears his sister's friend moaning from her room that she rents. He peeks in from the hallway and sees her masturbating with her wand, stimulating her pink little pussy and getting all wet. He fucks with her and calls her on her cell phone, interrupting her jerk session and throwing her into a tizzy. He laughs and then tells her he'll be on his way, but ... she chases him before he leaves and pleads him to come into her room. Levi can't believe that his sister's friend is half-naked and horny, and wants him to be a part of it, but he can't resist! The sexy little blonde gets pounded by her friend's brother while his sister is in the other room!

Titulo: My Sisters Hot Friend - Cadence Lux
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