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NakedSword - Breaking Mr Hart - Remy Cruze & Woody Fox

The XXX gay porn version �9 To 5� has lessons for all as Woody and Remy show that getting back at your asshole boss doesn�t always occur during office hours.
In association with Golden Age Films and D.P. Wells, NakedSword presents the second episode �Breaking Mr. Hart�.
Mr. Hart (Dean Phoenix) may have conned the young office intern (Max Adonis) into spreading wide for that big promotion last week, but today it�s Falcon Studios Group exclusive Woody Fox and Remy Cruze he has to contend with.
Woody and Remy have plenty of moves and Mr. Hart is secretly watching every one of them.
Enjoy while you can, Mr. Hart, because when the secret gets out, you are coming along with it.
woody fox fucks remy cruze gay porn�What do you do when you�re stuck working nine to five for a sexist, egotistical, lying hypocritical bigot? You get together with your co-workers to devise a plan to turn the tables and stick it to him just as hard and deep as he�s stuck it to the office for years! Today, we meet another victim, Cole (Woody Fox) and the boss� accomplice, assistant Darren (Damon Heart), but the key to everything may just be the boss� wife Missy (Nina Hartley)! Will their plan go off without a hitch or will they find themselves in more trouble when they try �Breaking Mr. Hart�?
Viktor (Remy Cruze) may have an asshole for a boss but he won the lottery when it comes to husbands with Woody Fox.
Fortuntaely, Victor can depened on a reverse cowboy ride and a solid banging from his husband to pound away the stress the day.

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MormonBoyz - Elder Clarke - New Companions with Elder Jones

Elder Jones had a lot of fun with his last companion. The two had a powerful connection that Jones fantasized about taking further. Alas, he�s now stuck with the bleach-blonde troublemaker, Elder Clarke. Elder Clarke craves cock in his mouth and sees the massive bulge in his new roommate�s undergarments. Cozying up to him to try to be better acquainted, Elder Clarke takes the horse hung boy�s member in his hand, stroking it and shoving it down his throat! Elder Jones is hungry for more secret sex, taking Clarke�s tight hole around his throbbing cock!

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MilitaryClassified - Brando & Gunner2 - Anal

Brando and Gunner are back in the sack and things are going to turn out a little different than they did last time and I caught it all on tape. Watch as I talk these two completely straight guys have oral and anal sex completely for the money using pussy porn in the background for motivation! This is truly unrehearsed and spontaneous as these two try to make love the straight man way!
When the two arrived at my studios, they were both a little nervous, Brando more than Gunner but they both knew what was going to happen today and were very nervous about how it would all turn out in the end. Once I got them in the bedroom and on the bed they were both sprawled out, shoulder to shoulder and playing with themselves as I began to roll tape.

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MenOver30 - Darin Silvers & Sean Harding - What Are You Doing Here

Sean Harding is waiting in the exam room of his partner Darin's medical job when Darin Silvers walks in and is surprised to see him there. Sean has come to spice up their romance and fulfill his fantasy of having sex at work. Darin is not sure at first, but soon they are kissing and groping each other. Sean drops to his knees and starts sucking Darin's hard cock. Darin then sucks Sean's cock for a while before putting on an exam glove and fingering Sean's hole. Once Sean is loosened up, Darin starts fucking him bent over the exam table. Darin fucks him in three positions until Sean cannot hold back and shoots a creamy load of cum all over himself. Darin pull
s out and releases his load. Enjoy!
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ZackRandall - Working The New Boys Cock - Zack Randall & Tony Thickdick

We all know hung and uncut Zack is talented when it comes to getting himself off, but he's more than capable of applying those skills to another delicious dick. Sexy young Tony has been prepared for him, naked, tied down and blindfolded, there for him to tease and play with. The hung young star works that cock like a pro, sucking and stroking Tony, using toys on his dick and balls, edging him to a hot cum load and finishing off by squirting his own massive load all over the boy! Tony wasn't expecting that shot to the face!

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UKNakedMen - James Lain and Liam Lomax

WOOOHA there Liam Lomax is as broad as a barn door, there's a lot of work been done with abs, lats n chest, you could lay your head hear quite comfortably, but why would you - when there's so much good stuff going on just south! James Lain goes down and fills his mouth and throat with handsome Liam's burgeoning beast. James can't wait to straddle Liam's hot, hard body and sink down onto that stiff tool, skewing himself until his hot little hole is full to bursting, his Gspot shimmering with pleasure. He feels like he's gonna burst and he will, but all in good time. KERSPLAT!

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UKNakedMen - Evan Ryker and Bastien Karim

Oh wow, just look at these two steaming hot hunnies. We shot this as Europe sweltered in record temperatures, I think we may have contributed an extra couple of degrees. Bastion Karim is always welcome at uknakedmen, matinee idol good looks, tall, dark, handsome and overly hung and this time he�s bottoming to a bareback hunk Evan Ryker - who�s making his spunky, splattery, creamy bareback debut at uknakedmen. These lads are smoking hot, and so much scrumptious foreskin. These, handsome, toned guys are just too small for their donkey dicks, absolute whoppers, Bastien opens his lovely lips wide to accommodate that big, bastard dick and once he�s got a taste for it, he can�t get enough. Evan appreciates the attention and eagerly takes Bastien right up the arse with that pony-sized pole, poor Bastien luvs every spunky minute!

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TimSuck - Ryan Powers & Stevie Trixx

America's sweetheart Ryan Powers fucks Stevie Trixx's face and feeds him some delicious cum squirts.

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TimFuck - Sling 3-way Fuck - Derek Anthony, Mannie, Mark Dixon

Mannie and Derek Anthony use Mark Dixon like a cheap whore. Mark bends over giving Mannie�s tongue, fingers & cock full access to his sweet meaty hole. With barely any spit on his dick, Mannie shoves his raw dick deep into Mark pounding his insides. Opened up, Derek takes his turn fucking Mark while Mannie makes him worship his uncut cock with his mouth. Mark hops in the sling presenting his ass for cock. He clearly understands that he is just a hole and getting their seed is all that matters. Derek And Mannie switch off from ass to mouth until they both fuck Mark�s asshole full of raw spunk. As a reward for being such a willing fuckhole, Mannie tongue fucks and hungrily deep fetches Mark�s butt with one of the longest tongues we think we have ever seen!

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