Modern life new game

Modern life new version

Info: The game will be about Lisa and her miserable life... BORING! The game will not be a story where the user will not receive any choices. I want to make a game with many optional paths/moments.
Lisa has an ability to get herself into trouble and one day she travels to another dimension where demons, elves and ogres are in war against each others over who will rule the region.
Lisa faced with a choice! Which side will she choose? Will she help the elves to conquer or will she help the ogres enslave the elves? Everything is up to you!

Year: 2016
Language: English
Tags: Rpg, 3DCG, Monsters, Rape, Old man, Fat man, All sex, Fantasy, Demons,

Download links: life 0.1.2.rar

Download file - 30.6 MB

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Update: Modern life new version0.1.5.2 Link:

Modern life

Download file - 36.2 MB


+ New scene in Uxerath (Krugor’s forest, 2 choices with corruption points)

+ New scene in Uxerath (Nugkor will play automaticly when you progress the story)

+ New scene (Will play automaticly when you progress the story)

+ Added "rape on lose" event (If she’s in Uxerath,normal creatures like killer bees will kill her and make game over)

+ Added text scene with three variants for one slime creature (after defeated by 1

slime creature, also have 3 pictures)

+ Added text scene with three variants for two slime creatures (after defeated by 2

slime creatures, also have 3 pictures)

+ Changed the story line quest at her first visit in Uxerath (More information + one more objective)

+ Changed when the player can save in Uxerath (NOW BY USING CRYSTALS)

+ Added crystal travel, needs a key to unlock the fast travel.

+ Added a new area in Nugkor (Nugkor north)

+ Added a new area in Nugkor west (Pub)

+ Added a new area in Uxerath (Kraig’s mansion)

+ Added 3 new areas in Kraig’s mansion (inside, second floor, basement)

+ Added a new area in Krugors forest (Minotaur’s lair)

+ 30 new renders/pictures (Total: 131 pictures in the game)

+ Implemented a script (Yanfly options) you can now control the volume, auto dash


+ Added a new currency to the game (Gold in Uxerath and $ in the real world)
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