MilfNextDoor – Loren Nicole – Romantic Exchange / September 21

MilfNextDoor – Loren Nicole – Romantic Exchange / September 21, 2013

Brianna has a special day filled with surprises planned for Loren. It all starts with a box of chocolates. Both these beautiful blondes love sweets and show it as they exchange licks, trying to get to the creamy filling. Then we move to strawberries and chocolate. The two girls take turns licking the chocolate off. Brianna takes it a step further as she smears the chocolate on Loren's nipples and slowly licks it off, going that extra step to get things moving. One final surprise awaits. Brianna whips out a large glass dildo and Loren's sexy pussy eagerly grabs it. From here the action and saliva flows as the girls poke, prod, lick and suckle each other.

MilfNextDoor – Loren Nicole – Romantic Exchange
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