Mia Hurley - Make Up Sex


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Mia Hurley - Make Up Sex
Date: 22.06.2013

The description: Tyler gets outta the shower to a text message from his girl. He cant believe what hes reading. Its bad enough to get dumped, but through a text? Needless to say hes furious. He goes to ask his sister if she knows whats going on, but is met by Mia, his sisters friend, instead. Mia explains what she heard and comforts Tyler. Mia tells him that his girl broke up with him cause his cock was too small. Now Tylers really pissed. He tells Mia how his girl was a little prude, talked a big game, and never touched him. Mia tells Tyler that she isnt a prude and wants proof about the size. Mia is Tylers little sisters friend, so once he questions and finds that she recently turned 18 Tyler grabs this opportunity. The perfect way to get his frustrations out and get some revenge at the same time. Mia is pleasantly surprised as she grabs Tylers cock to find he wasnt lying. Mia shows Tyler shes for real as well and gives him long, hard blowjob. Tyler proceeds to fuck Mia with everything hes got, releasing his bitter disgruntlement as well as a load of cum onto Mias face.

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Duration: 00:27:55
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