Mattias and Daniel

Mattias and Daniel

Mattias Solich and Daniel Sebesta are set to do some training together. They start off by helping each other to warm up, First they stretch the upper body and then take turns to lay on the floor with the others working on their legs. As they stand again Mattias takes some oil and begins to apply it to Daniel's body. As he oils the body Mattias kisses Daniel's shoulder. Daniels hand tracks Mattias' as it rubs the oil in. Mattias then pushes Daniel's shorts down and begins to wank his cock. As that cock starts to get hard Mattias pushes his own underwear down to reveal that his cock is already hard. Daniel takes hold of it and they wank each other. Daniel is soon hard as well as they continue to wank. Mattias then leads Daniel, by the cock, to the boxing bag and lifts his hands above his head. He then starts to kiss on Daniel's chest, working his way down to that throbbing cock. He takes the cock in his mouth, closing his lips tight around it. Mattias sucks on that cock, taking it nice and deep in his mouth. Daniel's hips begin to thrust as he starts to fuck Mattias' mouth. Mattias is loving that cock and sits on the floor, wanking himself as he gets as much of Daniel's as he can. Daniel continues with his slow fucking of Mattias' mouth until he decides he needs more. Mattias stands and bends over,so that Daniel can slip that hard cock deep into his ass. Daniel shoves it in and starts to fuck that hot bubble butt. Mattias loves the feel of that cock in his ass and has Daniel lay on the training bench, so that he can sit his ass right down on that cock and ride it. He slides up and down on Daniel's cock working it as far up his ass as he can. Then the guys move to missionary position for Daniel to fuck some more. Mattias wanks on his cock as Daniel fucks him harder and harder. Mattias hand speeds up on his cock and he soon dumps a huge load of creamy cum all over himself. Daniel is ready to and pulls out of that hot ass and shoots his creamy load all over Mattias balls to end a very good scene, with all thoughts of training forgotten.

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