Marty Marshall & Daniel Woods

Marty Marshall & Daniel Woods

Part of being young and cute is the experimental stages we go through. Think back to when you were a teen. Maybe you dabbled with sports when you were truly a nerd. Maybe you were loner when your soul craved to be part of the “in” crowd. Or maybe…just maybe…you tried pussy when what you really wanted was to BE the pussy for the dumb jock, his big dick, and his buddies. That experimentation is a rite of passage, it’s what allows us to find ourselves. Just as Marty Marshall and Daniel Woods, two well-hung twinks with big balls, are trying to search for their own true identity. Until then, they’ve gone Emo.

And while catching up at a local Indie bar, the sexy Eastern Europeans share drinks and a bite to eat. But you know how it is. All that searching can make you hungry for something that you just can’t put your finger on. That is, until you see that hard cock. That’s when all the lights go off and everything makes sense. Marty and Daniel trade blowjobs, sucking on massive young meat that’s uncut and fresh. And they have no hang-ups about bareback sex. In fact, they prefer it. Marty sits on Daniel’s face and rides the boy’s tongue for all he’s worth. Daniel soon throws the skinny bottom on his back and shoves his raw cock inside to fuck Marty bareback. So you see, Emo boys need to express their raw emotions, even if it’s only through bareback sex!

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