Manhandled - The Poolboy - Nick Moretti and Cole Parker

Manhandled - The Poolboy - Nick Moretti and Cole Parker

Many of you are probably familiar with Nick Moretti’s work. He’s no stranger to hardcore scenes, but this was something a little new for him and he certainly seemed to enjoy it - so we’re pretty sure you will as well! The jury’s still out on how much Cole Parker liked everything, but as you’re about to see, nobody’s too concerned about that.

Nick Moretti’s the overworked businessman here, stressed and looking to vent some aggression. And what better target than hot, ‘straight’ Cole Parker, the lazy pool boy who sucks at his job - when he even bothers to show up? When Moretti asks where he’s been the past few weeks, Cole offers a few lame excuses, but Moretti’s not buying them. He’s much more interested in what this ‘anything’ Cole will do to keep his job includes. They say everyone’s good at something, and if Cole’s particular talent is sucking, well there are better ways to put that to use.

Nick forces Cole to his knees and whips out his cock. Cole protests that he’s not gay and laughs a little in disbelief, still not sure what exactly is going on or how far Nick’s going to take this. What is sure though is that he’s not putting up much of a fight when Nick plugs his nose, pries open his mouth and rams his cock as far down Cole’s throat as it will go. It’s not quite far enough for Nick’s liking, but he’s determined to get some use out of his lazy ass pool boy -- and so he proceeds to work on opening up that throat, ramming his cock home again and again. He’s literally pounding away at Cole’s gag reflex, and all our poor pool boy can do here is choke and drool and hold on for dear life. He’s got his hands on Nick’s massive thighs, and I think his initial was to try and push Nick away…but he ends up hanging on to them like they’re the only thing keeping him from getting knocked over by the force of Moretti’s thrusts. Then again, they very well might be!

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