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Tae Yeon Kim - Lies (1999)

Korean actress Tae Yeon Kim having a guy undress her, ending up lying naked on a bed as the guy goes down on her. He then climbs on top of her and has sex with her, pausing for a while to let her go down on him. Hi-res DVD capture from Lies (AKA Gojitmal).

Tae Yeon Kim first going down on a guy while naked, and then putting her ass in the air while he kneels behind her and gives her oral sex. Finally, he stands up and has sex with her from anal behind.

Tae Yeon Kim first kneeling in front of a guy and going down on him while undressing as he sits on the side of a bed. Then, we see her lying naked on her back, her legs in the air as he gives her oral sex. Lastly, they have sex doggy-style as the guy spanks her a bit.

Tae Yeon Kim rolling around naked on the floor of a hotel room with a guy, ending up in the 69 position as she goes down on him. She then moves to the bed and the guy goes down on her while she lies on her stomach and props herself up on her elbows.

Tae Yeon Kim naked on all fours as a guy hits her with a long orange stick. She then lies on her back on a bed, still nude, as the guy flicks a rope at her. We then see the pair having sex on the bed. Tae Yeon Kim pulling down her pants to reveal her bare butt, and lying down on a bed so a guy can paddle it. Now nude, she then stands up and returns the favor to the guy.

Tae Yeon Kim nude while briefly paddling a guy, and then riding him like a jockey on a horse as she uses a stick on him while they have sex. They then move to the bathroom, where the guy uses the stick on Tae Yeon while she bends over a counter. Finally, we see her naked in the bathtub as she washes the guy.


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Nicole Kidman - The Paperboy (2012)

Nicole Kidman has starred in films such as Days of Thunder to Dead Calm, Billy Bathgate, Cold Mountain, Bith, Birthday Girl, Malice, The Human Stain, The Paperboy, To die for, Windrider, Margot at the Wedding, The Hours, The Invasion, Strangerland, Before I go to Sleep, Australia, The Killing of a Sacred Deer, The Portrait of a Lady, Queen of the Desert, Bangkok Hilton and Eyes Wide Shut.


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