Long Dan Silver

Hi I am new here and my first post concerns my "Holy Grail"of porn: Long Dan Silver.

Below is all the info I am can find on the video from 1992, I copied and pasted the only review on the fim. Anyone know where I can find the whole video? I have been searching for years online.

Infinity Video Presents...

A Harrold Wang Film


Dan Steele


Carolyn Monroe


Long Dan Silver

also starring...

Mary Beth Holliday
Angella Faith
Rustie Rhodes
Le Le Adams
Monique Hall
Kylie Channel


Heather Jasmine Fox


Johnny Love
Jordan Smith
Cal Jammer
Jake Steed
Johnny Rocket


Don Fernando

Directed by Rex Cabo

Sex wise:

Charisma, Angella Faith, Rustie Rhodes, and 3 other girls have a 6 girl
orgy using various sex toys.

Monique Hall and 2 other girls do a girl/girl/girl, and then Dan Steele
wearing a HUGE prosthetic fake dick arrives to do a 4-way. He finishes
with a chest cum-shot on Monique that the other girls smear and rub
around her tits.

A girl masturbates with a dildo, and then Jake Steed, Johnny Rocket, and
Don Fernando all get fellatio and take turns analing her. Jake and
Johnny give her facial cum-shots with a little post cum-shots licking,
and Don gives her a pussy and belly cum-shot.

A girl masturbates with a dildo, and then Johnny Love and another girl
join her for a 3-way. He uses dildos on them more than he uses his dick,
and it ends with him giving one of them a facial and neck cum-shot, and
the other a facial cum-shot.
Carolyn Monroe starts with Jordan Smith, and then the late Cal Jammer
joins them to make it a 3-way. Jordan gives her a butt cum-shot, and Cal
gives her a shoulder cum-shot.