Lightning Strikes Again (Shotgun Video)

Lightning Strikes Again (Shotgun Video)

Country: USA / San Francisco
Length: 1:10:54
Directed by: Roger
Studio: Shotgun video
Cast: Erik Michaels / Top Keith Manring

Erik Michaels from Muscle Dad and His Boys and Switch Hitter stars with Keith, a major Shotgun Discovery. Keith is a great combination of muscle, masculinity, and broad knowledge of genital S&M, particularly electricity. With extensive medical training, he knows where all the nerves are and how to make a guy climb the wall and like it! Erik Michaels isn't really a boy anymore--a few years further into manhood since we last saw him in the dungeon--beefier, tighter, stronger than before. He's changed into a full grown stud, but still craves total bondage, genital torture, orgasm control, and work on his hard, muscular pecs. Erik had even added a taste for the electrical cock and ball torture that veteran beefcake Keith is all to happy to dish out Keith gets a hand from Roger as Erik is bound and prepared for a major electrical scene. Erik's muscles clench as Keith slides the sterilized, lubricated metal rod down into his erect cock, the strange, sliding sensation as his dick is invaded all the way to the prostate. His dick gets even harder as the surge of electricity starts as a buzz from the base inside of his cock and races up the shaft to the big, mushroom head. It grows stronger and stronger...first pleasurable...then more and more intense. His body begins to spasm and jerk out of control as it becomes harder and harder to handle..then he arches and screams against his gag as pleasure turns to sensory overload..then becomes TORTURE as the bolts of electricity rip through his nuts, up his burning shaft and back again, over and over.

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Video: DivX 5 704x528 29.97fps 1291 Kbps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 128Kbps [01) Audio]

File size: 726.3 MB
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