Leo Helios solo Super-Fit Athletic Stunner!

Leo Helios solo: Super-Fit Athletic Stunner!

Studio: HardBritlads

Youre in for a real treat with this hot new lad.. Handsome Leo, with his green eyes and chiseled features has model good looks, with dark blond hair and a golden tan, and a super fit body from regular work outs and plenty of sport.. killer abs and a perfect arse too. He is one super fit, and super hot lad.

Leo begins by lifting his vest to show us his amazing tight six pack, seriously ripped.. he rubs his dick a bit, then lifts his vest higher, revealing his firm nipples, and plays with them, tweaking and squeezing them, making them hard. He returns to the growing bulge in his black shorts, which hardens as he squeezes it, till you can see the strong outline of his stiff dick. He pulls his top right up, lifting it over his head and behind his neck.

He stands, and reaches for some body oil, and pours it over his firm pecs, then rubs it into his chest and abs. He squeezes his hard bulge a little more, then pulls his shorts down, allowing his hard uncut 7 incher to spring out. Leo then pours on some clear liquid lube, and rubs it into his stiff dick. He gently pulls his foreskin back and forth over the end of his cock, and then jerks off a bit, nice and slow…

Leo turns around, to show us his arse.. and what a perfect tight butt it is. He rubs his cheeks, and his hand slides in between them rubbing against his hole.. as he rubs and massages his butt cheeks with one hand, he slowly jerks off his rock hard cock with the other.. very hot.

He moves back to the sofa, and gets on all fours, with his arse facing the camera. He pushes his solid dick down between his legs, pulling his foreskin back and forth slowly, and then reaches around to pull his butt cheek wide apart, giving us a full on view of his tight smooth hole. Leo then begins to rub his hole, then spits onto his hand, and rubs the spit into his hole. Once it is nice and wet, he pushes his finger in, and begins to gently fuck himself with it, before pushing in a second finger to really stretch it.. He puts on a great show.

Next, Leo turns round and lays on his back, and continues to finger himself, whilst jerking off. His dick is so hard now it throbs. His fingers slide in and out of his arse harder now and he begins to speed up his wanking.. he continues jerking off, harder and faster, till he finally shoots thick white creamy spunk onto his hard ripped glistening abs. So sexy.

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