Leo Forte & Christopher Daniels

Leo Forte & Christopher Daniels

As with most anything in life, the easier something looks, the harder it is. Art and sex are no different. In fact the two sometimes go hand in hand. As an example, try bondage. No, seriously! Try it. We think you’ll find bondage isn’t about tieing someone up as much as it is about the fetish mind fuck. Control. Think about it. The interesting thing about bondage, like with any other form of fetish sex, is that there has to be 1: an attraction, 2: trust, 3: creativity. You see, when you’re tieing someone up — whether you use silk ties, gaffer tape (ouch!) or rope — it’s just you, you’re willing “victim” and your mind. More than anything, however, you have to know what you’re doing.

Take Leo Forte for example. He’s a Master of the Japanese style of rope bondage. Frankly, his work is as much a work of art as it is arousing and titillating. We were surprised we enjoyed filming him as much as Leo enjoyed doing it. But none was more surprised than bondage virgin Christopher Daniels. He’d seen himself in restraints but this was his first time experiencing the rope configurations Leo put him into, both beautiful AND functional. And can we just say? This are NOT your Daddy’s knots. Not unless he was into kink and there were people in your basement, or attic, you never knew about. This video features Leo as he creates unique rope designs, changing and adjusting them as the need arises or his mood changes. All the while, there’s amazing cock sucking and rimming while Christopher hangs from a hook, suspended off the floor as helpless as a newborn. This is the one you DON’T want to miss!

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