La Punizione (Feature, DVDRip)


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La Punizione (Feature, DVDRip)

Year of construction: 1998
Country: Italy / France
Genre: Feature (Straight, Couples)
Duration: 02:04:24
Language: Italian
Director: Monica Timperi (as Silvio Bandinelli)
Studio: Showtime / Colmax
Starring: Nikki Anderson, Blondie, Melodie Parker, Cinzia Rosi, Gina Lovergine
Description: Four young girls find themselves in a specific institution run by nuns. Their parents send them there in hopes of saving them, not knowing that they are sentencing them to a world of "Punishment"

.Scene Breakdowns
* Scenario 1. Reinhardt, Melanie Petite
* Scenario 2. Blondie, Nikki Anderson
* Scenario 3. Bruno SX, Reinhardt, Nikki Anderson
* Scene 4. Diana Ruskof, Reinhardt
* Scene 5. Blondie, John Walton, Laura Black, Nikki Anderson
* Scene 6. Blondie, Diana Ruskof, Laura Black, Melanie Petite
* Scene 7. Bruno SX, Nikki Anderson
* Scene 8. Bruno SX, Blondie, John Walton, Laura Black
Size: 1.37 GB