[KS] Good Girls Gone Bad DVDRip (2013)


Description: Sugar Baby used to be a good girl and now she can`t control her red hot pussy! The teenaged slut takes fucking to a whole new level. One stud can`t get this semen chugging charmer to moan, so she grabs two on the way from school to go home and stain the family couch. Busty Lus was the town prude until she developed her major leagues rack almost immediately after turning 18, now she`s making up for lost time with the thickest studs imaginable. And filthy Yasmine uncovered her kinky side after seeing her first dick and now she`s sucking off studs in the school`s bathroom!

Cast: Yasmine, Nesty, Sugar Baby, Lus

Size: 1.08 GB
Resolution: 720x404 pixels
Duration: 01:31:56
Type: mp4