Krys Perez fucks Alex Andrews

Krys Perez fucks Alex Andrews

Hot, young and horny, need I even say more? Every once in a while even good ol' Tony himself has to step back and think about what he has done. In retrospect, what am I really trying to accomplish? What is my main objective? Proving that straight guys will do anything for money, sharing with others the simple thrill of watching a hot guy choke on a cock or just getting sexy men to fuck in front of me? I would have to vociferously exclaim: ALL OF THE ABOVE! Are you kidding me?
Look at all these beautiful boys I have taken in and gotten to get dirty! Alex and Krys are the perfect example, one likes girls and the other a total ass-man. On one end of the spectrum, Alex is still on the bi-curious fence, and getting it wherever this dirty boy can. On the other, Kyrs is strictly-dickly these days. He loves the feel of cock in his mouth, and his dick in another man's hairy hallway. Alex is one hot boy from the back hills who is no stranger to guy's hitting on him. In fact last time he was strutting his stuff shirtless, another gentleman actually thanked him for bearing his sweet six-pack to the world.
Krys really likes what he sees, and at the first opportunity he starts kissing his way down Alex, taking a few extra moments to pay some special attention to the patch of chest hair filling out between his pecs. Krys makes his way farther down south to find a bulging uncut surprise just waiting for his soft lips. He gives Alex the blowing of his life, keeping that pink pecker swollen and hard as a rock. After Krys gets his fill of Tennessee trouser snake, he pops up on his knees and wields his own thick cock in Alex's face.
Alex goes to town on that dick like it is a Sunday chicken dinner. Slurping and gagging cheerfully on Krys' soldier, Alex can't keep his hands off of his own hard dick! Now both of these hotties' engines are running at full steam ahead, Alex kicks his pants off and jumps on Krys' raging hard-on. Alex's hungry hole takes every inch from the big dicked twink as he rocks back and forth trying to achieve full penetration. Krys is more than happy to have his meat crammed inside this sexy country kid, he is literally fucking Alex silly! Ready to rail the tight ass in front of him some more, Krys pulls out and lays Alex right where he wants him. He fucks him sideways and then they ease into doggie where Alex can experience the full pounding he so richly deserves. These studs fuck for what seems like days, Krys takes his destiny into his own hands and pulls his sausage out of Alex's ass so he can finish on his face. And oh my, WHAT a finish it is! He shoots an enormous load into Alex's mouth touching his very sensitive gag reflex, and bringing tears of joy to the blonde cutie's eye. Alex comes in a few quick moments and sprays his own belly with rope after rope of bi-sexual boy jizz. Krys will not be outdone by some newbie and leans down and cleans his own load off of Alex's chin and lips with his tongue.

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