Klaudia Hot, Katarina - Splendor In The Bra Cups (720p)


Klaudia Hot, Katarina - Splendor In The Bra Cups (720p)
MP4, 1.16GB, 40 Mins
The legendary Czech superstar Katarina and the promising Hungarian newcomer Klaudia Hot give "Lucky" David (as we so dub him) the time of his life after Katarina feeds him grapes like a harem girl!! At a conservative estimate, there are probably about 1,000,000+ guys on Planet Earth who are envying David right now! Soon enough these two bombshells get out of their duds and start sharing the splendor within their pretty bra cups. Katarina sucks Klaudia’s 34Ds and David joins in; but then the femmes’ focus shifts to his cock, which is exceptionally privileged to travel not only into their lovely mouths, but also to their pussies and cleavage.

http://uploaded.net/file/w1efpx2z/db_Splendor 720p.part1.rar
http://uploaded.net/file/1hbt7fb8/db_Splendor 720p.part2.rar