Keep2Share / Fileboom Download Speed


has anyone else problems with these 2 hosters the last few weeks? I have Premium for months, but the last weeks the premium dl speed the most time is max 200 kb/s, sometimes it goes down till 50 kb/s. Before that i had normal speed between 2 and 5 mb/s per file. Sometimes a reconnect helps for 1 or 2 files to get better speed (max 2 mb/s), then its slow again. I dont have this problems on other hosters (rg, filemonster, uploaded) and get full speed each time. So its nice to know if others have the same problem, or if my provider has a problem with this hosters.

No problems here.
If you DL using browser you should try using a manager like Jdownloader or IDM.
If problems continues contact K2S support.